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First of, hello from this, my new blog with which I'll be sharing some of my experiences of the journey that I'm partaking in this year. This first entry is a short synopsis of what has precluded this journey and also what has happened thus far.After having to say goodbye to a significant other in my life I also tried to say goodbye to the world... Fortunately God had other plans for me and decided I should stay a little while longer. This is when I had reached the lowest point of time in my life and I finally embraced Jesus Christ as my saviour. Some gentle nudging was required from a dear family member, to whom I am eternally gratefull. Thank you Sheilans. I now know that I'll never again be able to fall so low now that I have accepted Christ as my saviour. From saying hello to Jesus started a process of saying goodbye to my old ways, albeit gradually and not without some growth pains.Two months later my brother had come back from Thailand to support me and to generally keep an eye on me. He ,with some initial tripidation, persuaded me to join Global Challenge. For those of you whom don't know what Global Challeng is feel free to check out the rest of this site. In short it is basically a NGO that facilitates journeys for young people to do charity and missionary work throughout the nations. After five years of being a firemen it was time to say goodbye to the service. By the end of November I said "sayonara" to the fire brigade with the sole purpose of joining Global Challenge Expeditions. This is how I've now become a pensioner with no pension and for some reason I still haven't been able to make use of my pensioners discount.These last few weeks in Jeffreys Bay have been all about meeting new people and getting to know one another. We've been placed in situations that have brought the worst and also the best out of us. From survivor like sitiuations through to a Luke 10 journey: Traveling with no money or any type of provision and only trusting the Lord to provide. Throughout all of this we've had teachings from some amazing teachers, pastors and missionaries. We've learned to know ourselves and also eachother better.Already I am accutely aware of a major change in myself, my fellow travellers and teammates. This makes me look forward to what is yet to come!? It's very humbling and also makes me gratefull that the Lord has led me on and to this journey.A journey that I can never deserve nor would have chosen for myself.Only through God's Grace am I saved.Stay tuned for more, I leave Y'all with a verse that has meant a lot to me;The Message Bible Ps 18:16-19But me he caught-reached all the way from sky to sea; He pulled me out of that ocean of hate, that enemy chaos, the void in which I was drowning. They hit me when I was down, but God stuck by me. He stood me up on a wide open field; I stood there saved-surprised to be loved!#
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Adventure Awaits!

Adventure Awaits!

Three weeks ago we arrived in Jeffreys Bay, backpacks containing all the belongings that we will need for the year on our backs, mentally and physically ready to begin with training for our Global Challenge Expedition 2015:)

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