India is hectic. For the first week, we were in Delhi, doing some serious bible studying. Then we took a train to a big orphanage. Our goal there was to repaint the inside of the boys hostel and to provide a new set of undies for each child, along with chilling with the kids, and hosting an evening program every night. Except for one thing..we didn’t have any money to do this       So we scraped,  sanded and painted in faith, trusting that our Father is The Provider. And after only 5 days of fund raising we received way more than we needed! Exceeding expectation.   With this we were able to pay for all the painting supplies, 2 new pairs of underwear plus a towel, also sponsor a chicken meal with left over money for future meals, extra undies for the boys at a different children’s home, and we even had time to clean some bathrooms.  God’s favor is soo rad. And the time with the kids was totally amazing.  Hanging in their rooms, sleep overs, and evening programs was way cool.  Some of the best moments of our lives.  Thank you Lord for your never ending faithfulness and abundant blessing !!
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