Practice the Pause

"Be Still." Two words. Constant and always present. Having morning coffee, I hear it: "Be Still." Swimming in the clear blue ocean. Walking on snow white sand. Watching a Fiery red sunset. "Be Still." Fellowshipping with people who have become family. Listening to music, old and new. Feeling the presence of God.

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Dear Ethiopia...

When I first laid my eyes on you and the rolling hills you sat upon. I thought what amazing luck I have that God had created such beautiful things and gave me the eyes to see them.  I am forever changed by your existence. You are a place filled with so many stories and I feel so privileged to share some of these stories with you. I can't think of anything that excites a greater sense of childlike wonder than to be in a country where you are ignorant of almost everything. Suddenly you are five years old again. You can't read anything, you have only the most rudimental sense of how things work. You can't even reliably cross a street without endangering your life. Your whole existence becomes a series of interesting guesses.  These interesting guesses were what brought our team to a lot of interesting places ranging from the far North to the ever ongoing South. You taught me the names of these cities, and I saw that each one of them tell a different story. You introduced me to people that showed me characteristics of Jesus in such a simple and beautiful way. I learnt about the importance of our dependance on God and also what it truly means when Paul writes in Philippians 4:11 " every situation I am to be content."  I learnt that everything in life needs some sort of foundation, I came to the conclusion that Jesus must be this foundation. Just like the wise  builder built his house on the rock. I learnt that rest is necessary especially when we do it in His presence. He gives answers when we listen. I learned that one smile can heal a heart that had walls so tall and painted blue, but now has a door to let people through.  Ethiopia you showed me how the Father gives so much more to those He loves. We ask for one ministry point He gives us all of Ethiopia. Kindness is your specialty and somehow you grasp the importance of giving, not only things but yourselves as well. I am truly humbled by it.  I will be forever grateful for these foundations you reminded me of. Thank you for showing me what love is by also showing me what it is not.  I will carry it in my heart.  I will carry you in my heart.  YoursTill we meet again  


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Staying behind in Ben Gurion, Isrsael and testifying of JESUS!

Boom! Woke up at 00:00 am 13 April Wednesday, first 9 hour sleep I have had in a long time! So now I have time until I go get my emergency sertificate ... oh, the lady at the embassy WatsApped me to say it is ready. Quess like I am coming home! So after a while I read Living Water, and this constant seeking of hope just after Jesus gave me full hope and preace must stop! I have become soft and complain to fast when I feel like the precence of God is not with me, but little do I know God remains even if I go to the middle of the sea. So yesterday I felt like I made a mistake when a Jew asked me who do I think Jesus was. I said He is the Son of God, the Messiah, but his question was is Jesus God and I thought I did not confessed the Son before man by not just saying yes. But now I have read Living water chapter 12 page 121-129 and there Brother Yun brings up a passage from the Bible 1 John 5:4-5 that says, "You shall overcome the world if you believe Jesus is the Son of God" ... why am I troubled, O man ! So after a while on facebook I quickly became bored and started reading Bible again, 2 Kings 16-18. Chapter 16:17-18 is a prophetic lesson of what happens when we walk in any Heathen ways. Our flow of living waters will be cut of and we shall be removed from the strenth that once rested on us and thrown on the ground. Our rest that was once build in will be removed as well as our entrance to God will be blocked. Then 2 Kings 18:19-37 is also prophetic as to the extent of where a fals promised land shall be offered to us, but as Hezekiah refused to take it and hold on to God's promise for us, so we should be! For then the Angel of the Lord shall slay our enemys that are encamped around us as He did for the Judeans. After my reading I thought of the conversations I had yesterday and one was with a Jew where he said how can Jesus be God if he is man and therefore I replied with, why does David then say we are gods in Psalm 82:6? and also if Jesus then is the Son of God then it is confirmed with this scripture, Genisis 1:26-27 where God says lets create man in Our image then God goes further by saying ," So man was created in the image of God." Therefore confirming the trinity as God the Father ,The Son and Holy Spirit is one and all in one vessel that is and was Jesus. So let us rejoice in this, that we are gods as David writes in Psalm 82:6 because that means we are as Jesus, Sons and Daughters of God. So I wanted to tell a Jewish man of the truth and I just found one, but this one I wanted to share with did not understand English. Then some security ladys heard me trying to bring testimony of Jesus so they started asking me security questions and asked of my passport, that I lost! Not long after speaking with them a security man came to me and also asked questions then he took me to security where they checked my bags and I just tried to show God's love! So after a while the man left and I packed my bags and asked the man in front of me, "Do you believe?" ... his answer was no and also to me for asking if I can convince him, but I just said Jesus loves you and thank you for searching my bags so thoroughly. God gave me a moment to be a walking testimony and I shall do my best to share the Gospel today with someone that is Jewish. So after that at like 04:46 am I watched a teaching from Todd White, "It's not about you!" Obviously I was going to continue in trying to sow some seed after that, but it feels like I am trying to be someone els than myself ... but the teaching states it's not about me ... God shall show me a time and place as I move when to share, I don't need to fight myself a way open, but when He does then I fight. So I found Estib, an awesome man at the South African Embassy in Tel Aviv, again and shared with him my story of the day before where I talked to a Jew about Jesus. Estib is really cool, Jesus loves him so much, then they brought me breakfast and coffee I did not come with an expectation of getting it, but I knew I was getting breakfast here. So now I am waiting for Lizelle and Estib at the Embassy because I want to speak to them. Then in a blink of an eye he returned with a piece of paper and 100 shekels! And while he was giving this to me I was giving testimony to Lizelle of what God had done so far. Then after she gave me my emergency sertificate, I shared God's heart with her ... and man! How people need to hear this reality, "I love you, you're special to Me and beyond any worldly prize." I also shared other things of His heart and then she gave me a hug and in her hug I could feel peace and thankfulness. Man God loves people! From there on I spend the whole day just sharing love and enjoying people's conversations. Obviously He was sending people my way to love, for as I entered the airport I met a South African family in greate need of help so I helped them to the elevator where they had no choice, but to listen to my testimony of providence from the Lord. For the first time in ages I truly know what it means to share the Gospel, "It is not to convince people of God, but to convince people of Love!"

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