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Shika Yesu - "Hold on to Jesus"

  We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place. We stay there even though we go away, and there are things in us that we can find again only by going back there. Kenya is such a place. It is truly like Narnia.  There is something beautiful  about Kenya that is thousands of years old. Too old to be truly captured by poems and songs. Loved by everyone, loved so very deeply. Kenya is everything real in a world of make believe.  But even though I left some part of me behind, I also found a part of myself whom I thought was missing. I found her at a lookout point overlooking the breathtakingly  beautiful plains of Massaailand. And I couldn't help thinking and knowing that I serve a God who makes the most beautiful things. We serve a God who loves us so much that He would come down to feel what we feel, to experience what we experience and even gave up His life to leave a part of Himself behind to always stay and be with us. This love, I have found, is not passive, it is never disengaged, it is always present and it hangs on every word we say. His love keeps promises, it keeps its word, it honors what is sacred and its vows are good. This love is not broken, it is not insecure, it is never selfish and is always pure. He is a good good father and He truly does not give His heart in pieces. He gives it unconditionally without is having to do anything to gain it. He loves us not only because but He also loves us despite. That is a love that conquers. He shows us this love not only in big things but in the small events of everyday life. He shows it in 14 hour roller coaster bus rides, cramped taxi game drives, swimming in breathtaking rivers, 24 hour campfires, hippo pool hikes, walking with the Massaai, worship sessions, packages from home, starry starry nights, footscrubbing sessions, nutella chapatis, heart key charms, rural house visits, tea cans, very fast bike rides, wind in your hair, Mika, laughter and so much more. So much love I do not have enough pockets to out it in. Kenya, you will forever be one of my most favorite places on earth. Home away from home. You showed me true humility and servanthood. Nothing I have I can call mine because it belongs to the one who knows the number of hairs on my head. Kenya showed me what family in Christ means and showed me firsthand what James meant when he encourages us to rejoice in suffering and to worship in trials. Tough times really do show us that we should always hold on to Jesus. God is good all the time. Keep holding on to Jesus even if the world around you shakes. Kenya You have taught me gratefulness, and if we are true in the small things, God will be true in the big things.  Life is more enjoyable and even more beautiful when we hold on to Jesus. He knows what is good. If this is what it means to sit at the feet of Jesus then I will stay here forever. Jesus is everything. His love is everything.  May God bless your nation and His people for you have blessed me with a gift that I can never lose. Staring at the beauty of our King. May peace and grace be yours forever.  Asante sana Kenya!  x x x
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So before coming to Australia Louw told us sheep farming is so fun... the first week is awesome something funny and new (You put sheep in a cradle and cut of their tails and ass skin...) then the next week feels like it never wants to end... so it was hard work, but I enjoyed it. Working with sheep isn't as easy as you think. They are stubborn and stupid creatures... no jokes, mirenos are the worst !  But they teach you something about patience  especially when they kick you in the face and balls... remember we are not allowed to kill the sheep so rage at all times must be delt with in a good manner (no one succeeded)  My character was being changed alot in Australia, but I descovered a real hunger for God because I was and maybe still am in a dry season. He feels so far away even though He's closer than a razorblade when it shaves a beard. I feel helples without my Father and I am reading Bible, praying and living in His love.  I guess many people can give good answers for why I am in a dry season and I know God has a good reason, but the only thing I need is Him to lead me in the flesh as well in the spirit. My only hope and sorce of living is Jesus.
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