Visa oder kein Visa, das ist hier die Frage...

Was wuerdest du tun, wenn du dein Visa beantragen wuerdest und die Botschaft dir das Visa verweigern wuerde?

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Panama is definately one of my top countries that I wanted to re-visit after last years journey through Latin America.  I didn't think I would be able to come back so quickly but wow what a privilege. I can think of many reasons to rush back to Panama; the beautiful rainforrest of Gamboa, staying right on the Panama Canal, sloths, tucans, anteaters and iguanas roaming the streets but the real reason I wanted to go back was for the people of Gamboa Union Church especially Pastor Bill.  God did so much in my heart in Panama last year and so my expectation was high! Some people say it is bad to have expectations but I think even our highest expectaions of God are too small and limited! He is so much bigger than we can imagine!   Yes you guessed it, my expectations were exceeded! The leaves were greener, the mangoes sweeter and the people more loving and welcoming than I remember. We did radio programs, visited the local prison, 'daily Luke 10's' trusting God for the right moment to speak to the right person, had good team discussions with our guest of honour and Panama celebrity Elsabe, we heard and were inspired by the testimonies of God's majesty, power and goodness in the lives of others. We had awesome times of devotions, worship, prayer, prayer and more prayer.    Pastor Bill and Anne spent so much time with us, listening, pouring out love and encouraging us. On the last day with them I was so humbled and amazed at how they could recieve encouragement from us. How they are so greatful for every single thing that God brings along their path, if it is a security guard accepting a piece of pizza along with a tract or the miraculous healing of a team member they are equally encouraged and amazed by God. I learned this life of thanksgiving is practiced everyday and keeps your fire fueled with passion for the Lord and what He is doing.            Then the best treat of all, my mom coming to visit all the way from South Africa!!! Last year while in Panama I clearly remember praying intensely for my mom, and our relationship. God is a God of details and He brought my mom all the way to Panama to show me His faithfulness and goodness. To bring my mom and I closer, to implant more of Himself in her and simply bless us both! What an awesome awesome God we serve!   Panama marks the halfway point of our journey for 2016! I am truely amazed by God and what He has done. I have this strange and wonderful feeling that the best is yet to come! God is going to take us deeper, hopefully way over our heads, root us in Him and reveal himself in ways that makes me think... WOW! I am not sure if I even knew Him before. Yay Jesus!! Let's go or rather .... VAMOS! 
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