God in Guatemala (video blog)

God in Guatemala (video blog)


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A stormy day, a foolish question and a blanket = GRACE

It is a rainy Sunday in Guatemala today...out of the quietness inside of me I feel this strange urge to write a blog! So with my cup of tea and blanket, I am starting to write something about something that I haven't thought through at all...it's a new thing for me!

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Dying to ourselves in Guatemala!!

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Guatemala  In one word... Growth!!  When we were about to leave Costa Rica, Geoff felt that our team should split up and meet each other again in Guatemala in 10 days. Quinton and I traveled together and had an amazing journey. We spent 3 days on a volcanic island on Lake Nicaragua and climbed a 1670m volcano!!  As we were getting closer to our destination, so our money started running out and we barely made it to Panajachel, a very peaceful town next to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. But the Lord provided use with a place to lay our head and with food when we needed it. We met up again with Geoff and Vilandrè in Cross Roads Cafe, an awesome coffee shop in Panajachel and after a cup or two of coffee we settled down at a hotel were we stayed for next to nothing.   On our way to Guatemala Geoff told us about our next missionary point and about Pastor Ben. A man that works you from early morning, till late evening and then after an hour to eat and shower, studies would start till 1am and that would be Guatemala for a month. You could imagine my excitement!! The next morning we had breakfast with Pastor Ben to chat about the month that lay ahead. And as we chatted over breakfast, I started realizing that this isn't the man Geoff described to us.                                                                                                                                                                     Pastor Ben was given a revelation about God's Grace and it had changed his whole perspective on live!! Praise God!! So instead of working only on the missionary house pastor Ben is building we were to help with a project where you take an old bicycle and build a 'trike'. What is a trike? It's a drifting machine!! It's a new extreme sport where you go on a downhill road and drift around the corners, and in Guatemala try not to get run over by a 'chicken' bus. What is the purpose of all this you may ask... to get the youth of Panajachel involved in activities and to just have fun. It's also an awesome way to spread the gospel because these things attract attention everywhere we go!!  So Pastor Ben sent us out to go and find bicycles + old scrap before we even started building them. After some searching we all found one bicycle each and enough extra metal to put these machines together.  Other than just eating, sleeping and living trikes we also did some work on the missionary house pastor Ben is building and at evenings we had teachings. The first week of teachings blew us away and we were 'shell shocked' for some time as the Holy Spirit revealed 'new' revelations to us through Pastor Ben's teachings. I was so at bliss, as I started to grasp what Grace actually is. And felt so liberated with the freedom from sin as I was reminiscing on what Christ did for me!! That feeling, it's just... WOW!!! And all I can say is I'm soooo in love with my Lord!!! With this 'new' understanding we went out and just loved people and saw some awesome miracles where people got healed and where people gave their lives to Jesus without us preaching one word to them. As our time in Guatemala drew to a close we were about finished with our trikes and took them out for some testing. WoW what a ruch!! I had an unforgettable live changing time in Guatemala and I'm much more in love than I was!! Praise God!!!!!    
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