Where do I begin..

Well where do I begin... The past few weeks have been crazy fun, hard, good days and bad days... The first week we got the connect with everyone...2nd week going on a "camping trip" that ended up to be 5 days in the bush with only the clothes on our backs and playing games to win some food...3rd week we are joining the school camp and having some fun with the kids from there we are building the road for the GLA School..week 4 and we are leaving for the Transkei to serve the people and give LOVE to the children. Week 5 and we are on our way to Cape Town to get visas and not only was this our teams first trip alone but also a place where i found myself at peace to know that i will be with this group of amaizing people for the most important life changing event in my life and i get to share it with them by my side.. so week 6 and we have Oom Gerrie and Tanie Anita come and visit us, AMAZING!! Discovering gifts and learning about the Holy Spirit then just when i thought it could not get any better Norm Wakefield join us for 8 sessions of MINDBLOWING teachings about the gospel... in all of this i have found amaizing friends, love and caring hearts, leaders who give only their best.. People who are not only friends for life but family...

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