So before coming to Australia Louw told us sheep farming is so fun... the first week is awesome something funny and new (You put sheep in a cradle and cut of their tails and ass skin...) then the next week feels like it never wants to end... so it was hard work, but I enjoyed it. Working with sheep isn't as easy as you think. They are stubborn and stupid creatures... no jokes, mirenos are the worst !  But they teach you something about patience  especially when they kick you in the face and balls... remember we are not allowed to kill the sheep so rage at all times must be delt with in a good manner (no one succeeded)  My character was being changed alot in Australia, but I descovered a real hunger for God because I was and maybe still am in a dry season. He feels so far away even though He's closer than a razorblade when it shaves a beard. I feel helples without my Father and I am reading Bible, praying and living in His love.  I guess many people can give good answers for why I am in a dry season and I know God has a good reason, but the only thing I need is Him to lead me in the flesh as well in the spirit. My only hope and sorce of living is Jesus.
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