Turkey for thanksgiving

I am so thankful for: African time; it is better than Turkish time, free public toilets, the SPCA, understanding Afrikaans, 'n lekker Braai, wearing shoes in the house, western toilets, Yum Yums double crunch peanut butter, google translater, an open window in a truck with a smoker driver for 7 hours, not having my pasta taken and hidden away by my team, not waking up to the sound of ziplock packets opening, not being called the spice girls or Charlie's angels by every merchant in the market but above all, I am so thankful for these things because they have made Turkey and the Turkish people crawl into my heart. This year for thanksgiving (not that I've ever had thanksgiving before.) instead of a stuffed turkey with roasted veggies, cranberry sauce, giblet gravy,creamed asparagus, mince meat pie and fruit cake, I had; Adventures stuffed with laughter and roasted conversations with strangers. Giblet grace, soft healing of the heart, princes seat pie, and layers of the fathers love, delicately prepared by the hands of God like a true Master Chef.

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Nepal Fever

Nepal Fever

At first glance you won't think that Kathmandu has so much locked up in itself. It's a poor city with many rich people.

 Our time in Nepal was spectacular! Oh, turquoise team! During training we could see that Jesus placed us all in this particular mini team for a reason.  We just had to wait and see when and why.. Let me introduce you to the turquoise team, just in case you need to hear from us again :) Drumroll... Madelein, Chanelle, Annique, Anseri, Quinton and Coetzee.  When I started off thinking about writing our piece for the small team I never thought that I will be able to cram two incredible weeks into one blog, never the less one word. As i was thinking of our many different experiences - just awe-struck, Jesus deposited the word Revival. Revival - it means new life. It is not n new life of self-effort or self-initiated activity. It is not man's life, but God's life, the life of Jesus filling us and flowing through us.   This is exactly what God came to do in Nepal. Our Teacher taught US. His own possessions. WeHadFUN.  As we discovered words for our time in Nepal the word fun came up. We laughed and cried. We were overwhelmed most of the time, actually.. the only times that we weren't feeling this way was when we were fast asleep. We were on a journey to discover the Body. We were constantly reminded that we all have Jesus in common. We have The Holy Spirit living inside of us.. This makes all else irrelevant. Whether we are from different nations or backgrounds, its not applicable to those who are in Christ. How Lovely, how beautiful! God established UNITY. We are now so much more aware of the Holy Spirit. We were called into the Deeper with Jesus and ever since we have this hunger inside of us - a burning flame that cannot be extinguished. God provided in the small things. Just to see how He cares so much about the smaller things, the things that might seem insignificant. God is so involved in the detail. He is always faithful in providing at the right time. The best time for us to be totally amazed and speechless. There is so much that happened in the Spirit. There was an out pour of our hearts in to the community, all because of Jesus.  What an amazing country!  You can read more on our experiences on our personal blogs. 
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