Beauty for ashes

Beauty for ashes

You never know what you can live without until you have to carry everything in one bag on your back -JS

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Syrian women still frames

Fadwa*. Our first visit was two weeks ago to a highly pregnant Fadwa. Today we hold a little Maria in our hands. Perfectly formed. The little hands are a picture of perfection. Small knuckles, small nails. She clasps my finger, barely fitting her fingers around it. We are sitting on UN mats - a grim reminder of the brokenness and realness of their situation. But for a moment, the hurt and the ugliness of humanity fades in the glory of new life. In the beauty of creation. And Fadwa is a worthy mother, her circumstances forgotten. She walks with her head high and smiles quietly content when she holds Maria. A Syrian refugee yes. But also a mother. Because life goes on.

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Corneli Brink
Thank you for sharing their stories Charlotte! May Brokenness be touched with love as we share in each others journeys through pra... Read More
Friday, 02 May 2014 11:44
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