Christians should be courageous in everything!

Kosovo was diffrent for me than the rest of the group. Firstly I heard about my flight going to Kosovo instead of China while in South Africa after getting my new passport, thereby going to a place unexpected. There we met two missionary familys whom took us in with more than just open arms. One of the family's daughters thinks I am superman because I am wild and never really got hurt... that she knew of in anyway, but what really got me about Kosovo was that God revived my identity to a comfortable place where He could start working His process of showing me who He is thereby knowing who I am going to be. I think the funniest event that happend to me was when I jumped from a 5 meter high balcony to catch my little friends in a game of catchers, but landed like a boss. Then the little girl asked me to do it again because it was to crazy to believe then I hurted my ankle... after the second time... BUT! I don't mind, will do any thing that crazy again even though I could get hurt. What is the purpose of life, if you are not going to be willing to do the most darring events in life. My method to my madness, "Being courageous in everything I do is a testimony of what living for Christ should be." Would you be crazy enough to put your life down for Jesus? It could cost your life.

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