The sound of love announcing his forgiveness

Many of times we hear how much God loves us and wish nothing but the best for all his children; the ones that know his love and the ones that don’t know it as much. Looking back at my life, knowing all the wrong that I have done to others and myself, I’ve said and done things that I will always be ashamed of, the worst was not knowing if I am really forgiven. I’ve read the scripters and have said the words out loud, but still every detail of my past was not forgiven; well at least not all, according to me, looking for any sign that God loves me and that he will take care of me, regardless of my past. Seeing so many miracles happen to so many people around me but never to me, then having the devil having some fun in my head telling me lies to make me believe that he does not love me as much as the others. So having this scenario play out for years going round and round in my life…………………..

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Blank Pages

The end of a long chapter written only in black and white which consisted out of routine and complacency suddenly was ended off with a full stop. As I read through the climaxes and highlighted parts in the chapter, I'm amazed at how God fits me into His story for the glory of His kingdom. Not to mention the fact that the greatest author of all times is writing my story, where I know boring is nowhere to be found in His vocabulary, for only excellence is to be expected.As I stare at the blank pages before me I'm hopefully waiting upon a profound chapter which consists out of various fonts and colours. A chapter which contains divine pictures that eclipses the fine print. A chapter that enters the world of abstract and the unexpected, where the daily sequence is amazement upon unfamiliarity and every event sacred based on faith and hope. Every step walked in certainty of my calling with truth and love as my weapons against all evil in this world where happiness is found in material and succes in stacks of banknotes. In this world, overwhelmed with the great need of relentless love, I am only a vessel for my Father and I am more than willing for Him to use me for His glory and compassion for all of the people around me that is on their own journey of love. The world's pursuit of love is great but undirected and I surrender my life for all the love pursuers so that through obedience to what is penned on todays' paper, God will use me to direct them towards Him. I surrender all to the ones that are still lost in this loveless world, for there is hope for those who believe in Jesus and there is a well of love that will never dry out for all people and my heart breaks for the ones that still fail to notice that the well is situated within and we are incapable of division. Black on white will declare His sovereignty and embracing the pages will lead us to the people in need of love this year.As our footprints are penned out before us and we walk the streets of South America with love, we are covered with the truth that Jesus was and IS victorious and our footprints here is only an imitation of the same footprints that conquered death and walked out of the tomb 2014 years ago. For we are to walk in life and it is life in abundance we receive out of His unending love for us as His children and greatest treasure. He has already won the battle for us and all that is left for us is to grow deeper and deeper in His love and pursue a more intimate relationship with Him everyday. For He sets us free from all captives and as we walk the streets burdenless and clothed in love,faith and hope, I am excited to see the stories being penned down the pages of our journals by the Author of all authors and Lover of all lovers. For this book's theme and inspiration is love, everything that is not love is illuminated by love for the sake of love and we all know there is no story like a love story

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Charlotte Hauman
Sjoe, kan nie wag om saam te lees aan die profound chapter wat vir jou wag nie Marelize! En skryf moet jy skryf want jy mag maar -... Read More
Wednesday, 19 March 2014 11:11
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