Don't stop living


You must leave everything behind, sacrifice all you have to start something new, and move some boundaries in yourself. 

That's what happened when I chose a journey that's something totally different, unique and fantastic - you know, sometimes you want some dust on your feet and experience some point-break moments in your life and that's exactly what I do now. 

I came with an expectation where my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition will be carved and being formed through this year. 

This journey is about stepping out in faith, follow God, and don't have fear on this new journey. 

It is amazing to look around me, and see from where God has chosen each person to be part of this journey and that everyone's personality somehow matches to complete this team. 

So this is my first blog, and I'm excited to share more blogs with you throughout this year, so please keep looking out with for my blog throughout the year.

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El modelo de Dios en Global Challenge.
no boundaries


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