Living Stones

Living Stones
This one goes out to the world changers, shining their light in the face of danger. A word that God has given our team this year is to focus on the living stones. His bride, his people. People through whom he is making the impossible happen in the nations.
Our team had an incredible time and we were sad as the first half of our journey came to an end. We laughed, we cried and we faced many challenges, but most of all we got to be a part of what God is doing in the churches all over the world.
In Jordan we saw Jesus’s heart for people. Thousands of Muslims are seeking refuge in Jordan and they are being received with open arms by the church. Although they have experienced great loss and suffering, the war in Syria has opened a door for the Gospel to be shared in the homes of refugee families. Muslims are meeting a man dressed in white in their dreams and many are coming to Christ in miraculous ways.
In Palestine we met a family who is being persecuted by their relatives because they have chosen to follow Jesus. We lived with Coptic nuns who give their time to meet the needs of the poor and helpless. The Good Hope School extends a helping hand to the young people who are considered as outcasts, to help them realise their dreams and potential.
In Jerusalem people from different countries flocked to the Old City for passover. We evangelised alongside Tony, a pastor who spent his days distributing bibles in the streets of Jerusalem. Sadly Tony passed away in a car accident on a mission trip in Iraq. The ministry he left behind is still going strong. The church is not only reaching out to Jews but to all nations. We saw a Chinese man fall to the ground to read his New Testament, where in his own country it is illegal to own a bible.
Kosovo is a country that has been exposed to years of conflict and the people still experience the repurcussions of war. Conflict between Serbians and Albanians is still very real. After the refugee crisis many UN organizations withdrew their support. Nevertheless, a group of missionary families stayed behind and regardless of the spiritual oppression they face they continue to selflessly serve the local church. They are committed to see people reconciled and see them experience the freedom God gives through His Son.
God opend doors for our team in Turkey to spend time with Turkish believers who face real danger because of their faith. In spite of it all God is equiping young people through student movements in Cyprus and raising them up to become leaders with a desire to see His kingdom come. The church is creating a platform through English Club, soup kitchens and prayer walks for Muslims and atheist to speak about Jesus. The church in Turkey is being persecuted and there is no freedom to share the Gospel openly, but they have faith to see the nation changed.
We ended our journey Russia and our team split up to serve on different Christian kids camps. It was beautiful to see how children are being discipled and raised up as true servant leaders who look to God as their source. God has chosen leaders, that through their examples the children get to see the Father’s heart. The church in Russia experience oppression and face many challenges. More laws are being put in place to resrict Christians. Although the consequences of overstepping those laws are threatening the church is more alive than ever, reaching out to different people groups in Syberia and Mongolia.
In our country, in the midst of mass poverty and political strife over a million people took a stand and prayed for our nation.
All over the world God is busy preparing His bride for her Kings return. God is calling young people to step out in faith into the face of danger. More people in the nations are experiencing the freedom and victory that the gospel brings. These are people who have found the treasure of heaven and who live radical lives to see others walk in freedom with Jesus. The good news is that we are a part of those radical Christians who love relentlessly and who’s servant hearts are without limitations. The only qeustion is...
How far will you go?
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Guest - Norm wakefield on Monday, 28 August 2017 03:11

Jansie, thank you for sharing this overview of the first half of your journey. How encouraging!

Jansie, thank you for sharing this overview of the first half of your journey. How encouraging!

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