Church at the crossroad

Church at the crossroad

A crossroad is a place where you are forced to stop, reassess and consider the direction you are going.
Our team's time at the church in Al Mafraq, which means crossroads, was such a time.

Each one of us stood at a crossroad.
We had time to stand still, take in the view (which was beautiful by the way) and consider which way we are going. God used this time to lay foundational truths in our hearts. He took each one of us on an adventure in finding our identity as His children, depending on Him and drawing closer in intimacy with Him.

God provided abundantly. No doubt further on in our journey, we will reflect on our time in Al Mafraq with many fond memories, constant reminders of God's goodness and grace.

Our time at the church consisted of volunteering at the soccer and sewing programs, assisting at the school, helping out in english classes, going on distrubutions and visiting the Syrian refugees in their homes. Mafraq is truly a strategic 'crossroad' for the refugees fleeing their country and seeking refuge in Jordan.

Our team valued the moments with the families. Through their generosity and friendliness, God taught us humility. We experienced first hand what Jesus means when He speaks of unconditional love. We didn't only learn how to receive it, but how to love others in the same way. What Jesus did on the cross suddenly means so much more. He loves us and continues to show us grace.

God is busy moving in the hearts of people from all nations around the world. We have an opportunity to make ourselves available for Him to work through us. We love others simply because He first loved us.

Our time in Mafraq is drawing to an end. The people touched our hearts so much with their hospitality and we are thankful for the time we got to have fellowship with them. We can truly say that God works in mysterious but incredible ways as He pursues our hearts with unmerited favour. We're looking forward to seeing how He's weaving our lives together in a colourful tapestry to His glory.


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