Beautiful Israel

Beautiful Israel

First, we went to Bethlehem.

While living with the Coptic nuns and serving them in Bethlehem our hearts were touched while working in the garden of one of the grottos and serving them the best we could.

We formed so many relationships with local people from Bethlehem and could bring clarity to a lot of Christians who had questions about suffering and with questions such as,''What does it mean to have a relationship with Jesus?'' 

Our time in Jerusalem passed with spreading New Testament Bibles to people from all nations translated in their native language.  

We gave a Chinese man a Bible and he took the Bible and immediatly sat on the floor and just started reading. His tour group went into the shops, but this man was so captured by his new Bible and we just knew that Jesus met him at that moment.

There are so many stories of people who have been praying for a Bible and got one, a woman deciding to finally close herself to faith in Jesus and opened her heart again, speaking to mediums and seeing them realize that Jesus is the truth.

We also went to the Garden of Gethsemane and Mount of Olives, walking where Jesus walked.

You can understand why Israel is God's chosen nation and people. The people are truly unique, but that goes for all of us as well, because we have been grafted into Israel by God's grace.

We then went back to Palestine to a place called Beit Jala and worked in the garden of a school called Hope. As we worked there our whole team asked the question: Why are we doing this? This is not really ministry, is it?''

Later that week, the director of the school shared that he was really encouraged by our team's visit. Seeing a group of young South Africans working in his school's garden, just showed him that Jesus is definitely alive and motivated the teachers in the school to draw near to God.

He shared that God envisioned him to send young people from Palestine on mission trips to spread the gospel and serve people in need.

It was amazing to see how you simply do what God tells you and He will give the increase.

''I am the way the truth and the life.'' John 14:6

When you don't know the way. Jesus shows you that He is the way.

When people ask you, '' How do you know that your faith is the truth?''

Jesus is the truth.

Believing this and displaying this brings life.

This pretty much sums up our time in beautiful Israel.


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