Mercy adorning the window of my soul


"We feel we would give anything if only we could, in actual experience, live on High places of love and victory here on earth - able to react to evil, tribulation, sorrow, pain and every wrong thing in such a way that they would be overcome and transformed into something to the praise and glory of God forever.

As Christians we know, in theory at least, that in the life of a child of God there are no second causes, that even the most unjust and cruel things as well as all seemingly pointless and undeserving sufferings, have been permitted by God as a glorious opportunity for us to react to them in such a way that our Lord and Saviour is able to produce in us, little by little, his own lovely character." - Hannah Hurnard in Hinds feet on High places

John 14:6 that says Jesus is the way the truth and the life out of my mind. I needed to look back on this year and see how He has come to be my way, my truth and my life.

Coming on this journey I was drawing closer to the Lord seeking a more intimate relationship with Him. I've come to realize that with Him He goes all out...He is perfect and complete. Coming to know a whole and not just a part. I can not ignore the things that trouble my mind and heart. He has slowly but surely come to show himself throughout this year through the team (in various ways), ministry experiences, testimonies of other people that I met across the world, his living word, prophetic word, word through other books (to name a few: red moon rising, the shack, hinds feet on high places) and music. He is in everything!! And he wants to be in everything! Even the messy parts and parts that hurt He comes and enfold it in His love and mercy.

I have come to get a fuller picture of who He is and how He sees me. He has given me a fuller picture of how he sees me and how he sees the things that I have not completely given over to Him. And I've come to a place of understanding what it means to surrender all to Him. And why He wants me trust Him with everything. Because I am becoming the way that He has created me to be.

Coming to know the Lord more I have come to know that because he loved me first I can love. I can bind love and faithfulness around my neck because He is love and faithfulness(Prov3).

Going forward I'm excited for the adventure that lies ahead. This year seeing more of Him in everything has created possibilities on the canvas of my imagination. Trusting Him with what lies ahead is not as difficult anymore since I know that He knows the way because He is the way.

I end off with a song that I hope would be meaningful to you as it has been to me:             Letting go by Steffany Gretzinger 

You've brought me to the end of myself
This has been the longest road
Just when my hallelujah was tired you gave me a new song

Now I'm letting go
I'm letting go
Falling into you

I confess I still get scared sometimes
But perfect love comes rushing in
And all the lies that screamed inside becomes silent the moment you come in

You remind me of things forgotten
You unwind me until I'm totally undone
And with your arms around me fear was no match for your love
Now you've won me

And if I lived a thousand lifetimes and wrote a song for every day still there would be no way to say how you have loved me
Oh how you have loved me
And that's how you won me

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