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This year...this team...this journey
I recalled watching the story of Rend Collective Experiment's new album.
"What we've learned is that faith is all about risk and adventure. Those who make a difference in the world is risk takers. We as a church are never meant to be a timid and huddled up club looking for safety but a pilgrim family in progress of chasing after the wild lion heart of God. The Holy Spirit moves the most when we move out of our comfort zones and into the world where the need is great and where we can build the Kingdom."
"We are not meant to be alone...the only self sufficient man that ever lived was Jesus and He chose to live, travel and minister in community. He knew that the joys of friends and brotherhood far outshone the pains of conflict and betrayal." 
"Like Israel God leads us out of our chains and into the promises He has prepared. Even though we are overwhelmed with the giants in our way and the lies that the enemy tells us we have to hold on to the truth that there is no higher and no one stronger than Jesus. And in His name every mountain will move and every giant will fall. 
We are called family of God for a reason. It was at a great cost that we became sons and daughters of the King most high. Yet it seems easier to push each other away than to stay committed and connected. Forgiveness and grace is far more important than who is right or who is wrong. The Kingdom of God is about moving forward in unity and standing shoulder to shoulder together through our best and our worst times."
" Let's be a celebrated family whether it is raining or pure sunshine. We need to go out into the wide unknown. We need to trust that nothing is impossible with God. The Bible speaks about a dynamic group of adventurerers stepping out into the unknown with the fearlessness of faith. We were never intended to go on this journey alone but was given to each other as family and as family we will go."
- As family we go album story
This spoke loudly with me and it was shared in our team. As family we went on this yourney. A group of diverse and unique individuals I believe destined by the Lord to come together and go on this journey that His name can be lifted high.
Being on journey I've been wondering whether I would've ever had the experiences and revelations that I've had in this time. I've concluded that I would not have been where I am now if it was not for the people I'm journeying with. We learn together and learn from each other...each coming from a different background but each coming with a heart of seeking His truth and His heart for us and the nations. We all stepped out in faith and is continuing in faith. This I believe the Lord wants for us right now and right here.
It is quickly that we can become comfortable and can be content with what we have. Unless we make a conscious effort to step out every day we would be stagnant. I think in general I do like change since I know that I can become comfortable quickly. I prayed that the Lord will allow me to grow and that I may come closer to Him. He promises that when we draw close to Him He will draw close to us (James4:8). And then He provides in order for my wildest dream to come true for me to go on an adventure such as this. Only He can know the reasons for doing so. But I believe this is an investment for my very being...and the calling that He has on my life. I only needed to be obedient to come and have to continue being obedient to His call so that I can receive what He has in store for me. This is true for everyone on my team.
Going on this journey is not only about the ministry points and learning and applying there but it is about the team. It is about the team work and about learning together and struggling together and sharing together and loving together. It is about the body of Christ each having it's role that the other does not have and together glorifying His name. We were all created uniquely and can add to the body what the Lord has given us.
We support each other through our troubles when we pray and search with each other. We understand since we are in it together. We encourage each other to step out since we know that that is where growth happens. We have the fearlessness of faith and we trust that with the Lord nothing is impossible. What a privilege to be able to do this!! The risk always seems larger in the beginning than what it really is when you look back...I trust that the outcome far outshines the risk.
Take the leap of faith...the One who created you has a plan and a purpose. I pray for everyone to have community to share and grow with...amen!
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