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I can't believe it went by so fast. Last weekend we were at the Bloemfontein prayer meeting where over one MILLION people came together to pray for South Africa. What a amazing experience. You could feel the unity! But it doesn't stop there. We need to become a praying nation. We need to keep praying for our country. Fighting the battle on our knees.

But before road tripping to Bloemfontein the community decided to do a Daniel Fast. To be honest I didn't really get the Daniel Fast but I did decide to fast sugar, dairy and meat. The fast wasn't all that difficult. That was untill our leader brought up something that totally threw me off. She kind of just thought out loud I guess but she asked whether fasting isn't only saying no to the physical (body) but to soul (mind, will and emotions). Now I'm no expert on fasting but I really think that this could be true. I think that the purpose of fasting is to make sure your Spirit is ruling over Soul and Body. I also think that when it says that Christ is in us (or the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus) it means that then it says that Spirit should rule that it is His Spirit in you who needs to rule. That then means that Holy Spirit can have control over all of your being and if He is in control of you then literally NOTHING is impossible when it is Him doing it!


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Nadine Reed on Monday, 01 May 2017 10:36

I agree with you. You have wisdom beyond your years.

I agree with you. You have wisdom beyond your years.

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