Dangerous Freedom

Many times in life we are faced with a decision that would forever alter the course of our lives. I was faced with such a decision and stepping out of the ´norm´ was harder than I thought.

After five years of studies, the obvious choice would have been to pursue a ´comfortable´ path leading to a ´comfortable´ life filled with an abundance of comforts. On the other side of the spectrum, my heart had a conflicting view with that of society´s norm. I had a longing for adventure and with this longing came a fear that this would never be fulfilled as I was fully aware of the fact that adventure only starts when our comforts end.

God does not call us to be comfortable. He calls us out to live dangerously and to step into the unknown, placing each ounce of trust and reliance upon Him to lead and sustain us in the uncomfortable. Adventure can take many forms and shapes. It does not necessarily mean that adventure only exist when we step out of our physical comforts but you will also find adventure when you step out of your emotional or spiritual comfort zones. This is what we are called to, this was what I was called to. I was called to follow God´s plan and this plan is great, wild and free although many times much different than our plan or the world's plan for us.

I came to the sudden realization in my final year of studies that only God can satisfy this burning desire for the unknown, and He wants to. I was faced with the decision that all of us face somewhere in our life.. usually on a daily basis. The question can be formulated by using a quote by Thomas Jefferson:" Will you choose dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery?" This is a question God asks us:" Will you choose Me, which is the most dangerous and free option? Stepping out of the norm or accepting where you are, comfortable but forever a slave."

I had to answer this question with the call of sure adventure ringing in my ears but the fear of breaking out of the norm proving to be a worthy adversary. This decision making process was not without fear and anxiety. Although God so many times pleads with us in the Bible not to worry or be anxious about anything, our worldly perspective of things keeps us from trusting God fully and tasting the freedom He is longing to give each one of us. In this process God really spoke to me through a poem written by Erin Hanson. Just for one moment imagine that God is speaking the following words to you while He is calling you to adventure:

There is freedom waiting for you,

On the breezes of the sky,

And you (I) ask “What if I fall”

Oh but Darling,

What if you fly?

I answered the call of God into adventure and decided to go on Global Challenge, and I am trusting Him to give me wings like an eagle to fly even when I am afraid of the fall (Isaiah 40). I know I am precisely where I should be and I am busy discovering what trust in the Lord really looks like because Romans 10:11 says that anyone that trusts and relies on Him will never be disappointed or put to shame. All that I know is that I choose to be dangerously free with Him over peaceful slavery. We have been blessed with wilder minds so never miss the call from God to step into adventure because He will never disappoint.

A cool video about stepping out of your comfort zones


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Guest - Marina on Thursday, 21 September 2017 13:27

Enjoy the journey with God

Enjoy the journey with God

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