Team life in Macedonia

Macedonia was beautiful. We were received with open South African arms and felt so at home, but the atmosphere changed when we entered the colorless Tavanoche camp. By the time we reached Macedonia most of the refugees had traveled on and it was only those without money or with children that were left. It was hard to lift spirits without even being able to communicate. So we fully relied on God.

It was inspiring to see how people are obedient to God even if it was to their expense. We expected life for missionaries would be careless and fun. It seems the "dying to self" thing is not temporary.

Team wise we were very close... Literally. With only a sheet to separate us, we get to know each other very well. Our boys' wives are going to thank us girls for the hygiene lessons we taught them. We just had to. Sharing a bathroom with 11 people, naturally toes were stepped on. Our conflict control is really top notch though.

Under the well planned supervision of our distinguished leader we have become masters in the art of communication and listening. Listening is key!

Next is Kosovo. God has used us a few times by changing our plans and testing our faith. China is out, but we are truly excited about Kosovo! It is very good for the team and we just got our missing member back!

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