A beginning and an end.
The obvious is that this was our first country and that this was the beginning of our journey.
From the onset of our journey God has come and shown me the joy in serving other's, specifically those that serve Him where others dare not stay.
The end is less obvious and, more...
An end to self deception, an end to self pity and most importantly an end to past fixation. I  had been clutching like a corner stone.
Wearing a grudge like a crown, unable to forgive.
But not anymore!
I can gladly say that a paradoxical mind shift has come upon me. I have more patience, I can truly smile once more and I mostly think before I speak. Still under construction.
Thanks be to God. I gave away the stone and there is only One who wears the crown.
I would​ say that I woefully regret the time it has taken me to get to this point but then ofcourse I would not be at this point.
God has shown me so much during such a short period of time and I am yet to grasp the magnitude of what's ​to come. My physical bag is getting heavier and heavier but I'm glad to say that my spiritual bag is getting lighter by the day.
I let go.
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