Turn my ashes into beauty

15 Maart 2017
Adventure bound

We are a team and our adventure has finally begun. Adventure bound exists out of 6 girls living life together for 4 months. It is so exciting and so much fun. The Lord really blessed us with an amazing house.

This journey is going to be amazing, but I know that it is going to stretch me and challenge me in many ways. An area in which I know I have to grow a lot in is time managment. I am not aware of time and I know that it can be frustrating for people in my team that is aware of time.

Jesus is really taking everyone in our team on an individual journey. He is taking me on the journey of just learning to love myself in my brokeness. Just to be okay with myself even when I dont live up to the standard. It so hard not to perform for other people to earn their love. I realize that I can only love myself when I feel I earned it!

Jesus is also establising my trust in Him . He is taking me out onto the water and is teaching me what it means to trust Him to walk on the water- to trust Him for the impossible. I am eager to grow and learn in a lot of areas. I am trusting Jesus to turn my ashes into beauty. Jesus is so beautiful and I am eager to get to know Him more and see His beauty in the little things of life.

"So Jesus come and reveal Yourself to me , I am ready for this amazing journey with You."


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