Seeing the beauty in the brokenness

Nepal a country that will see me again. As I walked out of the airport to the mini bus that is taking us to the church where we stayed, I had peace in my heart and knew it is a place that I would love to come back to one day.

Nepal, devastated by earthquakes, but still you can see God working here. People hungry for prayer, healing and worship. A country that God used us through healing, prayer and worship. A place where our light could just shine brighter for Him. A place of many testimonies and messages. A place where we worshipped out of our hearts. A noisy place full of tooters. A place where trucks are painted full of Hindu pictures/gods. A place with a lot of rice and open hearts. A place where we have been blessed so much. A place of over loaded busses. A place with spicy food.

But for me a place where the Lord was working on me. A place where I'm learning to open up and share. Either through sharing a testimony or a message with complete strangers. A place where I learned to worship out of my heart. A place where I learned and it stuck to me that worshipping is a thing between me and God and what the world thinks does not matter. All of this part of the restoration process that I'm currently in. The Lord is using the Nations to restore me, renew me and find my way back to joy.

Laying in a church in a village somewhere in the mountains, I realized that even if we are broken God makes something beautiful out of me and you - seeing the beauty in the brokenness.

I should just allow God to make something beautiful out of me.

He will yet fill your mouth with laughter & your lips with shouts of joy.~ Job 8:21 NIV


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