Lighthouse = A building that emits light in times of darkness

Every year the kids of GLA go on a camp according to their team colours. This year I accompanied the orange team to Oyster Bay and Oyster Bay is such a beautiful place! It was a good time for me to rest after an interesting week, because the previous week I would sum up as hard and challenging but there was still a lot of good moments, moments to treasure. After it ended many had tears of relieve and joy, I was just happy because it was over.

The theme for the orange camp this year was Divergent. Together with the kids we were divided into different factions: Peaceful, brave, honesty, selfless, and intelligent, in life you become the label that people put around your neck. This was true for me to, because People placed a label around my neck and for a long time I believed this label, I conformed to the boundaries of this label and all my actions represented this label. There was no space to be anything else and I was totally defined by the label.

On this camp I learnt that I don't have to become that person, all I could do is ask Jesus to help me, show me the way to become the person He wants me to become!

At the end of the camp they gave us the opportunity to choose a different faction, where you don't have to be bound by the label people put on you, but a new faction where I could choose to model Jesus. I could choose to become a lighthouse just like Jesus was when he was on earth.

In life you will get many opportunities to be a mentor to someone - to show that person the way to Jesus. After realizing that I have been set free from a label and chose to be a lighthouse I shall try my best to use every opportunity to be this. There is nothing more important than that! Somebody is watching you today, ready to follow in your footsteps to become a follower of Jesus!

Live like a child of God!
Have peace with Jesus!
Don't be selfish!
Experience His grace and love for you!
Jesus is the way, the truth and the light!!!

Jesus is our lighthouse...


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