What I have always dreamt of...

I have always wanted to change the world!

Ever since I can remember I have had the crazy dream of making history for God.

I wanted to make an impact that is bigger than myself.

I wanted to have a legacy that doesn't make sense for an average farm girl from Bloemfontein...I wanted to make a lasting difference, play a significant role in this age that I was born into.

And at twenty-three I am closer to that than ever before!

I get to be a Worlds Changer of future World Changers! Future History Makers!

I see men and women filled with the Presence of the Living God.

I see seemingly ordinary people rising up above the present darkness of our age, living fearless lives marked with an unmatched authority.

I see fathers leading their wives and children into the wildest of places, conquering the unreached with their unflinching Love.

I see university students, disciplined disciplemakers, church planters, light bearers.

I see passionate adventurers, seekers, messangers from heaven permeating coffee shops and night clubs, classrooms and sportfields, living lives that display the wonder of a higher calling.

I see them laughing in the face of our society's mainstream sin-drenched living, standing against the draining pursuit of wealth and temporary success.

I see sons and daughters loving relentlessly, forgiving irrationally - missionaries sent out to their own families.

I see young people walking in dangerous humility, yet supernatural power - seeing the unseen, remembering the forgotten, receiving instructions in silence.

I see them surrendering everything, running with boldness and obeying the Word of their King until they joyfully step over into eternity!

I see young people, beautifully set free from themselves, disowning their own earthly desires and affections so that they might live a life Bigger than themselves.

Heaven Bringers.

Earth Shakers.

Heroes of the Faith.

World Changers of the times to come.

And I get to be a part of that!

I get to love these young people out of their fears of the future.

I get to open the door to discipline, to challenge their faithfulness and humility.

I get to speak the Word of our God into the crevices of their deepest beings, laboring relentlessly with Him to stir and grow and develop this history-making faith.

I get to join the crowd of witnesses, cheering them on to forgive bolder, to love louder and to live bigger!

I have always wanted to live a life that is bigger than myself..little did I know that that life wasn't about me at all.

It is all about a King and that which He can do through me when I am willing to be fully surrendered to Him.

It is about a Mandate that is birthed out of Thoughts greater than my thoughts, a Way higher than my way.


But for now, I get to love at least eleven of this King's people closer to their Great destinies, their Powerful Legacies!


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