"Will you allow Me?"

"Will you allow Me?"

During the last few weeks of our training in Jefferys Bay the Lord kept repeating one spesific phrase into my heart: "Jans, will you allow Me..."

Friday, on my way back to Bloemfontein, the Lord once again asked me this simple question: "Will you allow Me?" as I walked into the airplane...will I allow Him... to what? I took my Bible and notebook with me, planning to catch up on some journalling, on this 90minute flight, well that was clearly not His plan...

I spent the whole flight, simply listening, as the guy next to me shared his story with me. Just before landing he told me about him and his father's relationship. He opened up and shared about the hurt of his father being completely uninvolved in his life, not accepting him and about how he just longs to be good enough in his father's eyes, never making the mark. And there, on as SAA flight I had the opportunity to share God's Father heart with him...

As we climbed on one of that cool airport busses the Lord gave me a word for an old man sitting behind me, and for a moment I doubted if I should really share it with this complete stranger, but once again my Lord asked me: "Will you allow Me?", so I went up and talked to him. It turned out that he's a retired pastor and that he really needed encouragement at that spesific moment...wow!

On my second flight from OR Tambo to Bloemfontein I sat next to a gentleman that the Lord also had an appointment with... he is a father that longs to be at home with his wife and two year old son, but cannot be, because of his job that causes him to travel to different towns the whole time. He shared about how he thinks that he reached a point of total exhaustion and complete hopelessness.  I had the whole 45 minutes to share what the Lord has done in my life and I could actually see how the Spirit strengthened his faith in his Provider again.  As we descended over Bloemfontein the two of us sat there, praying to the Most High God...what a privilege!!!

God longs to reach out to the people that He made, He wants to encourage them and comfort them, giving answers and bringing hope...all this through us, if only we allow Him to...


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