The Culture Shock of getting used to the things I used to be used to...

Yes, I know that we are in Barbados at the moment, but please understand that I'm posting my blog on Guyana only now... I'm one of those little-by-little, retro-spect prosessing people. And I found that the nicest pictures, while traveling in a buss, train, aeroplane, car or donkey cart are taken when you turn around to capture the beautiful scenes that you've already passed.  So here is a glimps or two of those turn-around memories that I've taken from Guyana...

Guyana...I KNOW, I didn't know that a country with that name existed, either,  so don't feel too bad! Just like in Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela I had no preconceived idea of what to expect, I've never even seen a Survivor episode or a National Geographic documentary on it, but hey, an adventure is not an adventure if you know what's coming next! So, having nothing but the name Guyana to work with, my imagination started to paint a pretty little picture of a country, quite simmilar to the Armish communities: women in big dresses and men with heeled leather shoes, big white houses, horse carts and old-school cars...

Man, and was my imagination wrong:    P1150608

"Nah mon,  dhey speaket dthee Engliesh, mon! Dhey eate dthee Kadbury choclat and Roties and Carry, mon, and lovin dthee peanut battar! Alright?!"

After traveling the previous two months through Portugese and Spanish speaking countries , it was a culture shock to once again get used to the things I used to be used to! These people drive on the right side of the road, which is the left side of course! They understand and speak English , although it sounds like a complete different language with their Carribean accents.  You greet each other with a hug and a handshake, not the Spanish kiss on the cheek. The streets are full of South African size potholes,  children playing cricket after school  , they drink instant coffee and best of all, after months of craving real chocolate, we ate Cadbury!!!P1150631

                                                                                                                          P1150731 - Copy - CopyFor the first time in more that two months we attended a church service where we worshipped in our own language. To stand with arms lifted high, singing "How great is our God!" in words that that your heart and mind understands is something I will always be thankful for! Our God is worthy to be praised, in any known language, in the unknown languages and in each one of our everyday-living languages! 

More than the beauty of this tropical country, the open communication and the feeling of being back home, it was the Guyanese people that touched my heart the most...
A country where strangers welcome strangers into their homes, hearts and lives, without any questions or difficulties. Where a lady from a complete different background steps in to be a mother for a girl that's missing home on a Sunday afternoon, where a working man takes a day off to show some youth the beauty of their surroundings. Where families bless a group of forreigners with more food and fruit than can be imagined, proudly treating them to traditional dishes. Where a man spends time to stop and teach unfit, untrained hands  how to make bread and clapping roties, where a pastor humbly share his wisdom with some young people, hungry to learn more about their awsome God! A people that knows the heart and true meaning of hospitality.SDC10252

So how about my personal journey with my King? I'll open the curtain just a slit for you to peak in for a moment...
One of the main themes that He has been teaching and walking with me on is the beauty and wonder of my salvation! The fact that I am saved is nothing short from the biggest miracle that I can and ever will experience and witness! We think that seeing God's hand change weather patterns in a few seconds, sending rain to a desert land, is a real miracle. A big fish swollowing a man and obeying God to spit him out again, crows bringing food for a discouraged prophet, a donkey speaking, water from a rock...yes that is miracles! Not that I want to make any of God's wonders small, but an even greater miracle is the salvation of a lost soul! The whole earth and nature is submitted to God, so that even the hills and trees will praise Him on His day of return  (Is.55), they naturally respond to God...
But the human heart  " is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it? " (Jer.17:9) We, as humans, can by nature not respond to God, we can not be obedient to God or live according to His will by nature. But He took my unresponsive, hard heart and gave me a new heart! A heart that can respond to Him, a new nature that is moved by His Spirit to obey Him!!! He gave me a complete new nature! He saved me while I thought I can save myself, He died as my Saviour, in my place, while I was still thinking that I don't need a saviour, thinking that I didn't deserve death! He took my unresponsive heart and gave me a heart that is able to respond to Him! (Ez.36)
If God could save me, then truly, He can do anything! He can save anyone and man, if I could trust Him with my salvation, I can trust Him with absolutely anything! If He could've been my Saviour, then of course can He be my Provider, Comforter and Protector!


                    IMG 1192 - Copy - Copy

This is one thing that I pray, I will never get used stand in awe before the One that  chose to save me!!!

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