Guatemala Challenge

Guatemala Challenge

Challenge day in Panajachel, Guatemala...


It is lunch time and as we came to sit down, Jean, very brave and confident in his Spanish speaking skills, saidÑ ¨Perro, por favor¨. For those of you that is not familiar with the language... he ordered a ¨plate of dog meat¨ for us!!! The poor waitress´ face - PRICELESS!!!! 

In this first couple of hours of our challenge the new Pink team  (Jean, Jansie and Luiza) has taken pictures of nearly 70 tuk-tuks,10 different nationalities and 3 soccer fields.

We have seen the volcano and made a human tower in a public market, while many Guatemalans stared at us - hah, as if we are crazy (I mean, common!)!

Driving down the mountain on the back of a pick-up truck, we marveled at God´s creation, oh so many waterfalls...

We went to the butterfly park and met three strangers, named Pedro, in the beautiful streets of this town, next to lake Atitlan, surrounded by volcanoes!

What a privilege!


Following Jesus is fun, it is a daily adventure, marked with grace, love and indescribable joy!

This is a life like no other!!!

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