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This week we were construction workers under construction. Not only did I make a lasting contribution to the Global Leadership Academy by working on the school building, but God built into my life rather unexpectedly.

During the day we worked physically, but it was after hours that God really worked in me. I can say with quite certainty that this week I heard the Holy Spirit's promtings and God's voice more clear than ever.

Never have I ever been so excited to get to quiet time, because it was so alive. Through out the week God worked with me from Isaiah 41 to 61. God spoke over me and truly fastened my identity in Him and how God looks at me.

During the day the conversations with my team members were unbelievably inspiring, and I felt the Holy Spirit in the everyday chats, as we shared our testimonies and just talked about daily struggles.

Before this week I asked God to reveal my testimony and story from His perspective. True to His Word He answered my prayer by revealing many parts of my story which I had forgotten for many years.

This week I chose to be quiet most of my quiet time, in order to hear from God rather than speak myself. He came through for me every single time by clearly speaking to me and teaching me so much about Him, my identity and how to spend time with God.

Also this week, for the first time, I recieved prophetic word for someone, having the chance to speak into their future.

Everywhere around me God came through for many people with finances by providing for them miraculously, thereby increasing my faith daily.

This week was truly one of the best weeks of my life thus far, plainly because I have never felt so aware of God and Our relationship has never been so close. I am so thankful that God chose to work with me this week.



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