A vessel of power

We spent the past two weeks in Kathmandu, Nepal, mostly serving and encouraging our fellow believers.Tomorrow we are off to New Delhi, India.

In Nepal God showed us a part of His power as many people recieved miraculous healing and many unbelievers came to Christ and could experience His power first hand. From driving out demons and laying on hands, to saving people from their suicide attempts, God really used me like never before, making me a vessel of His power.

The past two weeks I had many opportunities to preach, in both churches and rural non believing villages. The responses were always very encouraging as many people got healed and saved after these messages.

Daily I could lead praise and worship sessions at house fellowships. At the start of this journey I was doubtful of taking the clumsy and valuable guitar with, but now I can really see the fruit of this investment. It is a privilige to lead other people into the presence of God.

Through all of these points of ministry and serving, personally I have been growing tremendously. I have come to love preaching and I can see myself improving in leading worship. Daily my own faith is being strengthened as I see God working powerfully in Nepal.

God has brought me to a place where I am dependent on Him daily... and I love it. I love Him and I love being a vessel of the Most High. What a privilige!!


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