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I am a tree. Yes, complete with leafs of different shapes and sizes, roots gripping to whatever I find my security in and fruit of different colours and tastes. The soil my roots are resting in determines how my leaves look and my fruit taste. I go through different seasons and I usually look a lot different after every cycle of spring through to winter. Sometimes a thorn would stick its head out or a wilted fruit pops up and I would try to get rid of it as hard as I can, showcasing more good fruit next to the bad one or hiding the thrown with my leafs, but the problem laid in the worldly soil caressing my roots.

God is the ultimate gardener. He not only planted, but made the seed of my life and let it grow. However, I danced around with my roots to the wrong pastures. His desire for me is to be rooted in Him! God showed me that the veins of His heart are designed to become the roots of my tree, so that His blood can flow through me. It has got all the oxygen and nutrients that I need to produce good fruit and even to sow seed...

When I came to Global, I was uprooted completely from my known world. I felt exposed and the bright light around me blinded me. Some of my roots dangled around in the air, looking out for a place or a person to grab hold of, when God put His heart before me. Yes, His blood covered me already, but we always have that one root that is hiding away in the world, thinking the Jesus doesn't see it. For me it was people- my family, friends and now my prospective friends always seemed like a sense of security. He also wanted that root to be firmly planted in His veins, finding its security on the Rock. The relief is now that people can't threaten the growth or smother the life out of my tree because God's heart is fully mine!

We went on 'n Luke 10 journey in the region around Jeffrey's Bay and it was the perfect trimming opportunity for God. We slept our first night outside after walking 26 km and not eating anything, even though we were convinced that God had sent us to where we were. We literally had nothing and I was challenged on whether I will believe that he is still a good God, faithful to his promises, even when it doesn't look like it. I had to make a difinite choice in my heart to trust His character and faithfulness. I experienced how the Holy Spirit interceded for me as described in Romans 8 after making that decision, helping me to pray and have faith - real faith. The next day we found our family in Christ, who gave us a place to stay, abundant food, travel money back to Jeffrey's and a ministry point to serve and encourage. The Word in Phillipians 4 came alive- we lacked and we had abundance. God wanted us to experience both extremes, so that whatever circumstances we encounter during this year and in the rest of our lives, lacking or having abundance, we might have our roots firmly planted in His heart, being content because He is our strength.

God is the same today than He was yesterday and will be the same tomorrow and forever more, which means that I am not to be shaken, for I am a tree, securely founded in the one who let's me lie down in green pastures, who leads me beside still and quiet waters.

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