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These blogs showcase the Love Jesus has for us and also the Love in my new family: Westbound. Every time you read one of the blogs I pray that you will feel the Love in the Family and that you will feel part of this family of mine. Enjoy every blog and see what happens when Faith is put into action.





Number 12. So this is it. This is the blog about adventure, family, faith, provision, love, sacrifice, unity and prayer. This is the blog about a Father looking after His children in the most Father like way ever. This is the blog about boxes being broken and discovering God as someone with absolutely NO LIMITS. If you didn’t figure it out yet, this is the blog about my Luke 10. I hope you all enjoy this blog and I pray that you will be able to see what God is capable of doing when walking in faith. And why wildfire? Because that is what happened, His love spread like a WILDFIRE.

Acts 1: 7 (MSG)
"Stay at one home, taking your meals there, for a worker deserves three square meals. Don't move from house to house, looking for the best cook in town.”
Our team (known as Scarlet Red and consists of me, Larnese and Carina) was very drawn to this verse and also very excited to see what God has in store for us with this verse. We all felt God saying to all of us to stay with one family for the full 10 days. I saw a picture while praying and this picture showed that we are going to have one home base and from there we are going to ministry points and then coming back to home base. I shared the vision with the team and they had peace with that happening. The girls also experienced super cool things and we had peace about all of it. God wanted us to focus on FAMILY. At the end of the day we knew where we will be going and that will be to…


So the journey began on 25 September and we were super excited for the Luke 10. We started to walk but did not feel to hitchhike immediately (not normal I know, but this is Jesus man) and we did. We just walked and started to enjoy each others company. We took a water break and God told us it’s time to hitchhike. So long story short we got a lift for 5kms and walked then for like 10kms until 20:00. I prayed that the man who will take us to Montero will introduce us to our family and our man of peace (on the first day? what can I say, walking in faith man). Then we saw a broke down car and a man trying to fix it and that man (Erick) took us to Montero. We arrived at 00:00 at night and Erick’s car broke again and we sat at his family’s house not knowing what to do. They welcomed us in and at the end of the day they said we can stay the night and speak in the morning (Jesus man, coming through) and one night turned into 10 days.

Our man of peace is David and he introduced us to a church and the pastor. They were so happy to get to know us and our journey. They invited us to speak at the youth and on Saturday night and on Sunday morning to the church. We were super excited, because this is all happening according to that picture I saw at the beginning. We were invited to go to a rehabilitation center, but God said stay. Our family was very loving towards us and day by day they got more and more relaxed with us and conversations flowed over. This is just God providing what we asked for and even more.

So we knew we had to stay, but there was one thing still God said He will provide for and that is for us to go to Brazil. One of the woman’s father came and he was from Brazil and he stayed for two days. He was also a evangelical christian so we were able to speak about Jesus and Holy Spirit with him and with his daughter as well. We were able to pray for his health and turns out there is nothing wrong. He was in perfect condition. The day he left he invited us to go to Brazil in the next two days and the will pay for everything. Knowing that this is God given we were very excited, but that is were it stoped. The day we had to leave God said: “See how I provided for you. The opportunity is there and your faith has grown more, but I want you to stay with the family.” So once again we had to say no, because God wanted the family with us. So we stayed.

Acts 1: 17 (MSG)
"These are some of the signs that will accompany believers: They will throw out demons in my name, they will speak in new tongues,

One night we were sitting around the table speaking about God (well the family was, because they only speak Spanish) and it looked as if the father was talking to the sister in law (who is catholic) and wanting to convert her, but then he turned and faced me. He stared me right square in the eye and started to speak to me in Spanish. I’m sitting there praying that God will help me, and then…BOOM!!! My ears were opened and I understood all of his Spanish and, without hesitating, I answered him back in Spanish and I translated to the girls as well. 5min. felt like an eternity and I was so thankful for what God did for me. Yes, it was only for 5min. but I will always remember it and who says God is finished.

There is so much more that happened, but I don’t want to make this blog to long. The main focus is faith and family. Throughout the whole 10 days those were the two things what God worked with us. Yes there is a lot of other things as well, but that is the main focus. Both of those things caught flame and spread. It grew bigger and bigger and bigger and affected everyone, just like a….


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