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These blogs showcase the Love Jesus has for us and also the Love in my new family: Westbound. Every time you read one of the blogs I pray that you will feel the Love in the Family and that you will feel part of this family of mine. Enjoy every blog and see what happens when Faith is put into action.


Soo yeah here I am with number 10 and it’s been quite a while since my last blog, but that is fine because God had to work first in me about a few things before the next blog can be put up and I must say it was quite a ride up to this point. So with this new blog I pray that Papa will come and show His power, grace, LOVE and faithfulness to you whiles’t reading this blog. So keep calm and read on ( I know, not the best one liners, but it’s fine ).

So we all know about the prophetic and that there are people out there who are so connected with God that you’d think they were living with you for the past year or something, well those people have the gift of prophecy. They will either give you a glimpse of God’s plan for you in the future, or they can tell you about something in your past that should be sorted out ect. ( You can fit your own experiences in there to ). But what about word that comes directly from God ( Yes that is prophetic word, but I mean like when God speaks to you in His voice ). How special is it to hear from your Dad directly what He has planned for you. COME ON!!! THAT’S LIKE AMAZING!!! With this first part in mind come with me were I tell you how Dad came and spoke to me directly in RUSSIA.

So we were working at summer camps with children aged between 6-13 years and hearing that I was extremely excited, because I seriously have this desire to connect with every child ( All 89 of them ) on the camp. God then blessed me to be the photographer of the camp ( Which is one of my passions and heart desires ) but I immediately thought: “How am I going to connect with the kids if I have to run around like a headless chicken taking pictures and sitting in a room making videos for them?” Don’t get me wrong, running around like a headless chicken taking photos and going to bed at like 02:30 the morning just to make sure the videos are perfect reminded me why I have a passion for photography and video making, it’s just that at that time I was really unsure how to connect. It was plainly uncertainty. Three days went by and I still didn’t know how, but I waited patiently for God to come and talk to me in any way He wanted and then…it happend!

While doing the video for day four I started running out of ideas and it’s only DAY FOUR!!! I was sitting in front of the computer just staring at the screen as if the movie is going to create itself. While I was cruising down memory lane Dad suddenly jumped in with a voice as audible and as clear as if He was sitting right beside me. Realizing it’s Dad talking I quickly jumped out of memory lane and into His presence to hear what He has to say. Sitting there feeling His presence in the room was super amazing until He began to spoke. His words were straight forward and the confidence coming from His voice was overwhelming, but I had immens peace in my heart. So Dad was there and there was no doubt about it. He said to me the following: “GP, you love photography, movie making and kids. I know this because I gave it to you and that is why I am here. I want you to connect with these children through your videos and I will provide every scripture for you. Then I want you to come back to Russia for a season to do the same.” It blew my mind!! It was Dad speaking.

When I calmed down after this breathtaking experience I finally realized what He told me and it was something no prophet ever told me before. It was like He just came and gave me a new task and a glimpse of His very big plan for me. To summarize it, it’s basically that God wants me to work with kids and summer camps ( like Russia’s camps ) and He told me that photography is my vehicle to bring His word to Russian kids. It may be just for a season to teach me something new about Him or it might be for longer. I don’t know really. All I know is that Dad wants me to be involved in that kind of ministry and, like I said, I don’t know how long, but that doesn’t matter because God is in control and He’s got this.

The thing that got me thinking through this experience is the following: Whose word do I take more to heart, a prophet who is a person and can maybe make a mistake or God’s word which He gave to me directly? Don’t get me wrong, prophetic word is super amazing and I can be a witness to that with many things in my life, but the message I want to get through to everyone is the following: You may have gotten word about your future through prophetic word ect. and that is amazing, BUT when God tells you something DIRECTLY don’t you think that is more worth than any other word? Isn’t it word you should take MORE to heart than any other word? For me that answer is yes and I’m looking forward to the plans He has for me.

I want to encourage each one of you to take time and listen. Not with music or with loud noises and what not. I want you to go and listen with NO distractions around you. Just listen to what Dad wants to tell you, you may just be surprised with a message you did not see coming ( I’m saying this last sentence with excitement in my heart and a smile on my face because I know Dad will come through )



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Danielle Botha on Tuesday, 08 August 2017 10:24

Thank you GP,i agree! It does sound better when it comes from Him. Thank you for sharing this beautiful encounter!

Thank you GP,i agree! It does sound better when it comes from Him. Thank you for sharing this beautiful encounter!

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