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These blogs showcase the Love Jesus has for us and also the Love in my new family: Westbound. Every time you read one of the blogs I pray that you will feel the Love in the Family and that you will feel part of this family of mine. Enjoy every blog and see what happens when Faith is put into action.

Of dirt and GRACE

HEY!!! So blog nr1 motivated me for blog nr2 well actually Jesus motivated me. So yeah enjoy reading this amazing testimony of what God did in my life this morning ( yeah yeah I could not wait for tonight I had to right it now )

So this testimony started 3 days ago. At the celebration the Holy Spirit started to stir something inside of me, but I couldn't figure out what this weird feeling was inside of me ( God are you coming to take me home? ). After a while I just let go and let God speak and then...BOOM!!! God's voice is speaking to me. And what did He tell me, you may ask? He told me 4 things I will do after Global:
1. Go study in PE ( I am from Potchefstroom in Northwest )
2. Open a business in J-bay
3. Stay connected with Global
4. Use Global Challengers in my business who are uncertain of their future after a journey
Very specific I know, but that's the God we serve and I am only 19!!! WHAT!!!

So 3 days later ( today ) we were given a opportunity to join God and Jesus' conversation in Their living room ( yip we can do that ) for 2 hours. So there I was waiting on God to speak to me about anything and the first thing I heard was the following: “ Go and get a pen and paper! “. So I went and got myself a pen and ( prepare yourself ) God started to tell me what my business should be about, what my values should be, the business name and what the business's foundations are. He also took me to the building He wants me to start the business in and when I took a step back He showed me EXACTLY how the business should be laid out.

For those who are curious, the business will be “Tsidkenu signs” which is Hebrew for God of Righteousness. The business will only do business according to God's will and it will ALWAYS bring glory to Him. He gave me the following 2 key scriptures for HIS business: Jer. 23:6 ( The origin of the name ) and Col. 3:17 ( The work ethic )

So there you have it. Who would have thought that God will reveal so much to me in a month's time and there is still 8 months left!!! I would like to ask that you will pray for God's business so long and that you will pray for me to keep on having faith that God will come through for me in this journey and that He will prepare the way for me so that when the time comes to open the business, that the enemy will have no grip over His business.

God is building me up from dirt onto a solid foundation that is built on Him, with GRACE!!!



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Guest - Gert Pieter on Thursday, 02 February 2017 01:32

Rom. 1:17

Rom. 1:17

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