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These blogs showcase the Love Jesus has for us and also the Love in my new family: Westbound. Every time you read one of the blogs I pray that you will feel the Love in the Family and that you will feel part of this family of mine. Enjoy every blog and see what happens when Faith is put into action.


Hello everyone. So here we go again, but this time I want to tell all of you something that touched my heart ( yeah yeah I know, I always say that!!). In this eighth blog of mine you are most likely going to learn things about me that you didn’t know ( it is not serious deep stuff don’t worry that's for a later blog. ) and there will be things you do know about me. Okay so here we go.

I love music, like really I LOVE IT. If I see a piano I freak out ( on the inside of course. ) and I just want to play it non stop, but sometimes I can’t play, because the piano plays on its own ( It seriously happend in Palestine!! ) Hope you get some sort of picture of how much I love music!!
So the thing is that I got a prophetic word about my music and piano and I was really excited for it, but the thing is there was always someone better than me and that discouraged me like a lot. My word said that my music will be like David’s and it will let kingdoms bow down. So every time there is someone better I ask myself: “How can my music skills let kingdoms bow down?”
It got worse every time and I really started to question the word and God, but God reached out in time and gave me a MASSIVE revelation. You ready?

So where will the kingdoms bow down and when? How can someone like me let kingdoms bow down? Well that is what God came to answer. He told me ( through an amazing American that is so in God’s peace he doesn’t lift his voice at all ) that when kingdoms bowed downed to David when he was playing music it was in the spiritual. David didn’t play music to entertain people or to get praise for it, he played to worship God. He desired God’s face when he worshipped Him and he played to bring GLORY to God. Every time he worshipped God, he went into His presence and, with that, kingdoms bowed down. It didn’t matter how much skill David had, it was about his heart when worshipping God and what he desired. Practice is always good and it is always nice to improve your skills, but when you play and sing ( in my case ) you must play and sing to bring GLORY to God. Worship Him, not people. I realised that God wants me to play music for Him. To go into His living room and play for Him and Him alone. When I do that, well what can I say, then kingdoms will bow down and not to me, but to God alone through my music.

I really started to believe in myself as well. I started to play with more confidents and was not afraid anymore of what people thought of my skills or what I am playing. As long as I kept on worshipping God through my music.

What lies ahead for the future? Well, I don’t know, but one thing I do know is that God wants to hear my music again and I am waiting patiently for my next opportunity to play for Him.

I want to encourage all of you with the following:

Use your talents to bring Glory to Him. It doesn’t have to be singing or playing music. It can also be sport, education and art. IT CAN BE ANYTHING.

Go and bring Glory to God


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Guest - GP on Wednesday, 03 May 2017 21:18

That is really a true revelation. May God keep on using you and the talents to bring glory to Him.
You are truly blessed. So so proud of you

Love you lots....

That is really a true revelation. May God keep on using you and the talents to bring glory to Him. You are truly blessed. So so proud of you Love you lots....

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