This is adventure

3:00am the alarm went off. Lord what is happening?? 2 hours of sleep and emotions bigger than the 20kg bag of luggage.

I'm scared?

Lord, this is taking a blind step of faith.. This is leaving my family behind. This is stepping into the unknown. This is frightening..

This is EXCITING!! Predestined for greatness. This is just the beginning!

My heart bursts with excitement, not even my tiredness can hold it back. This is madness! Reality is too real for the moment. Should I pinch myself?

8 months of faith building. 8 months of seeking God. 8 months of discovering who I am in Christ.

In 5 hours I will reach the airport. At 14:00 we will be off. THANK YOU JESUS!

This. Is. Adventure.
Jordan here we come!!

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Going on a live changing journey
What a Privilege

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