Building walls or windmills

When the winds of change blow, some build walls and others build windmills
-Chinese proverb-

Before we became a family we were all individuals living our separate lives. So in our forming a family our lives intertwined...but we all still came from different backgrounds. We have different ways of doing things, different ways of handling situations and different ideas.

So when the winds of change blew we as a team were challenged. We all handled these winds differently. For some the winds of change brought about immediate adaption and they started building a windmill, for others the change was more difficult and instead of building a windmill they started building walls.

As team we saw that being in the nations requires flexibility. Sometimes plans are given through to us and then they change last minute. This is also life, we make plans in life but it does not always go as we planned and it is in these times where have a choice on how to react to the change. How we choose to react will directly influence our experience and also the outcome of the situation. We learnt that being able to adapt in all situations is key to our growth and being able to serve in the nations.

Now we are on a journey of embracing the winds of change, we are learning to build windmills instead of walls. This wind is the Holy Spirit blowing with one purpose: to refine us.

As we leave China our hearts are full of learning, loving and experiencing. We are excited to continue growing and learning as a team.


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