As family we go

Jesus was the only self-sufficient man to ever live, yet He chose to live, travel and minister with community.


This means there is something special about family. Since Adam and Eve left the garden, the whole story of scripture has been about a family on the move. And so, this is a story about the forming of a new family, undergoing training and being equipped for a very special journey.


The one thing that stands true for this family is that we did not chose each other…but God certainly chose us to be together. Two months ago we started off as being complete strangers. We started off as the guy from Scotland with a cool accent, the Scout from Germany, the 2 from Vietnam who struggled a bit with English, the girl from Botswana and a few South-Africans.Through training we got to know each other a little better, mainly in a very casual way. But then, family started forming when we, in all vulnerability, shared our testimonies with each other. Vulnerability was the key ingredient in forming this family.


Since then we have been preparing for our mission into the nations. Each team member received his/her specific role (portfolio) within the family. We attended different teachings, had many practical meetings about Visas and packing lists, trusted God together for finances, woke up early to shoot a team video (some were more excited than others),ate together often, laughed together, run a kids ministry group one afternoon in the Transkei and drank good coffee together. But the thing we value most is having devotions together.


And so…as we travel to Asia, Australia and Africa together may we learn grace and forgiveness toward each other. May we move forward in unity standing shoulder to shoulder,may we step out in the fearlessness of faith and most importantly may we…

Know God and make Him known!

Journey with us this year and follow our team story as we update our team Blog. Also like our Eastbound 2017 page on Facebook.


Eastbound 2017


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