When you are judging someone, congradulations! You stand the chance to discover more of His beauty!

Learning to love differences. 

I always took a lot of pride in believing I was a supporter of diversity. I have only now started realizing how deep the differences lay and how often we are offended, reason being this ignorance.
We did a temperament test a while a go, that changed my perception sooo much! 
 On that note,
Oh how I've learnt to love oblivion. One of the Love's sweetest way of loving us is to humble us. "There is in fact more to life than you know" 
There is more to hope for. Once again I am found wanting. A sweet need to discover another side of His reality, one learns to love so easily. 
Back to the point,
When I realized that my way of manipulating people is in fact not at all their way of doing so. And so when I judge them, actually I am pointing out something that I would do. Eish that hurt! Turns out I judge a lot and most of all myself.
And so, yes people should actually treat you how they'd like to be treated which is not how you would like to be treated. So for that to work out we need to be living out of fulfillment in Christ. It is just making more and more sense to me how, yes we can do all things through Him. But we can do nothing of worth ( in eternal perspective, nothing) without Him.
I cannot love my neighbor, because even if they were whole and treating me with love, their idea of it is different and offense is bound to happen. 
James 3:18 
You can develop a healthy, robust community that lives right with God and enjoy its results, only if you do the hard work of getting along with each other, treating each other with honor and dignity. 
Even the great James struggled to like people. Liking people is actually quite hard, because they push our buttons. They do not love us the way we were created to be loved. I mean obviously I am the main character and I need to be adored. 
The call of dying to myself is deepening every time I feel like I got it now. And so the humbling happens, and it sucks but also its so great ( in a months time or so) to be exposed to more magic. More Jesus magic. His ways are so very different to anything we know and so I have somehow in some kind of masochistic ( for all the critical lollies out there.. you'll probably get it) way started enjoying noticing dead flesh (human/loveless moments), because it means I have now a space where Jesus will bring life.
He makes all things beautiful and new. So He directs me to see death, I cluelessly point at it and look at Him knowing His being part of this makes it pop up into life. Nothing He touches can stay dead. It is just impossible. 
I have wandered off a bit. 
To wrap it up (I think), people don't mean to be bad and when you see something that upsets you, it is probably something you would do to upset a person. Judging has really put me in my place. 
I think people might treat us they way they think they deserved to be treated, which are cool indicator to us how to love them.
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