Pure grace stricken joy. If that makes sense?


I have never experienced a unity such as this. There is so much love in our team and overflowing joy. The other day we had a full on glee musical moment! Possibly the moment I am alive for hahaha! Kosovo is so good for the team. Every Time we get, what we think is sidetracked, God has an amazing different plan for us. (We didn't get our Chinese visas) We dedicated our year to be servants of God and He is using us. So far every time this happened the people we 'end up with by default' mention that they wished for help. God is using us to show people He hears their prayers. What an honor! It is the first time this year I feel of value. Not that that should be a thing, but yes. It is also such a cool place to be where you know if God wanted you in China you would be there, you know? So our disappointment was greatly overshadowed by our excitement with what His beautiful plan held.

I am so thankful for God's love in our team. His grace truly is drowning us.

Here in Kosovo we received a lovely addition to the team and it just made us feel even closer. Sharing with him all our stories. Each member's best moment and such. You just feel so loved and wanted. I genuinely feel like we are a family. How God can put 11 totally different people together and have it flow perfectly is a small testimony of the power of His love. I mean without Him some of us would likely have killed team members. Myself included. I remember in the beginning of the journey I wrote a poem ( yes sometimes i like to think of myself as a whimsical poet. Deep stuff, I know) about my truly frightening anger issues :

A real life Mulan, but not at all her pure character. Simply the sword moving in an anime manner slitting throats...

Needless to say I had a problem haha! I had to take a lot out, you know, to protect my rep yo.

Reading it now I'm shocked and scared of myself! The self I am without Jesus.

Two months later and I am terrified of missing moments with my brothers and sisters (terribly corny, i know.) Who would fall in when I started singing the freaky little song from bad lip reading Star Wars...

Who will sit in a circle with a childlike excitement when the leader reads a passage from "Love does" after breakfast, urging him on "another one!!!"?

Who will fall into a song with full blow sass and create the perfect musical moment?

I know we still have 5 months left, but it is only 5 months. I am legitly praying God will drag it out! He put us together so perfectly and His love for unity is another thing I am falling in love with!

Now I am not claiming we don't fight. We do. Yesterday I admitted to one of the girls that I feel like that girl in "Mean girls" that all teary eyed confesses that she wishes everybody could just love each other and be friends and bake cupcakes with rainbows. Or something like that. The "she doesn't even go here" girl. And then God showed me this cool animation of two Sinbad types of characters posing with a trophy all happy and enjoying each other's company. And then the one slaps the other and there they are off chasing each other again. I am sure you are imagining some scene you have seen like this...And I remember in the scene, the spectators would roll their eyes and throw their hand up in the air in a jokey manner and walk away with a giggle...
That was God's way of saying
"Calm down! Just let the do them."

He is speaking to me a lot with animations. Gosh He is cool.

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