There was shouting, then shots were fired. Fear crept in and hysteria overwhelmed. Screams came from everywhere. There was no time to think. All that kicked in was a sudden urge to run- run fast and run far. Straggling across harsh bushland; pushed along south by a vast current of humanity. There was no sign of brother, sister, mother or father. And there was no way of going back to a desolate, burned down, village.

I found God on the other side of fear.


I feel invincible. 

God is really forcing us to trust Him. We have no other choice. We have no money for accommodation, we bumb showers in restaurants' basins (and get chased out. No jokes. We ran) then we hardly have money for food. We are hungry, dirty, robbed, homeless, then a biker passes us and asks if we want to volunteer on his uncle's olive farm? Where we will have free accommodation, food and live like royalty. In a matter of 3 days we can look, smell and feel like bergies and next moment we enjoy the beautiful tranquility of a true Turkish farm with an outside fire oven, tame donkeys and true Turkish cuisine.

God really is just so much fun. I will not starve. Every time we find Him right before we hit a critical point. Next to (first world) suffering. On the other side of fear. I love this. He gives us a chance to be hard core. To be dependent on Him for everything. That's when you undoubtedly see His grace, sense of humor, love and presence.

Rom 15:14
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace IN BELIEVING, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

For me, knowing I already live forever, and that I am His, gives me peace. It takes off the load. I am His. He may do with me what He pleases (this I say, still with fear). But whatever comes, He will be there.

On a side note: it was very hard for me, the not showering thing. So I wrote a small piece on it. Have empathy...

Stink blog
Today i know what it feels like to be a bergie. ( very dramatically said... Maybe a sigh and hand to forehead type of action.) So far this is the only thing i am truly having trouble with. I stink. My clothes stink. My friends stink. Some are quite excited to break their personal records. I am in a constant cringe state. Today I dabbed my neck with a wet wipe to get some fresh smells on me. The wet wipe.. is now brown. Even my neck is dirty. I'm dying. Goodbye

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"Gobble gobble!" Said the turkey
Being pursued when it rains....

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Guest - Anna-Marie on Sunday, 01 May 2016 21:38

Danielle, Erna and I had such a laugh!!!!!!

Danielle, Erna and I had such a laugh!!!!!!

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