There was shouting, then shots were fired. Fear crept in and hysteria overwhelmed. Screams came from everywhere. There was no time to think. All that kicked in was a sudden urge to run- run fast and run far. Straggling across harsh bushland; pushed along south by a vast current of humanity. There was no sign of brother, sister, mother or father. And there was no way of going back to a desolate, burned down, village.

I am already sorry I thought this. #sorrynotsorrysosorry

Oh how I've learnt to love oblivion. One of The Love's sweetest way of loving us is to humble us. "There is in fact more to life than you know" 

There is more to hope for. Once again I am found wanting. A sweet need to discover another side of His reality, one learns to love so easily. 
This is how I understand it so don't quote me. We are all made in God's image, but then sin gave us a heart of stone. Whenever conviction takes place, a new manner of thinking is introduced to you. The Kingdom manner of thinking. And so your heart becomes more flesh. Whenever a humbling takes place, stone is being chipped away, until one day when we stand face to face with LIFE, and our hearts start beating.
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Fireworks in the desert

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