The Journey Lies Ahead

The journey lies ahead

Many people believe that the earth is flat, the rest think it's round. Does it really matter? Because ultimately there will always be the hills on the road, mountains with snow hats, valleys with lush forests, oceans with roaring waves, rivers with tons of water which you will encounter and to conquer, cross, climb or swim, requires more than just a strong mind or body, It requires faith and the ability to have no fear. 

These first few weeks have been a journey of faith. On this journey God will test your faith, leave you with nothing, but give you everything at the same time (Luke 10 journey) He will create character in you and He will restore your identity by challenging your faith in Him. 

He has found me in a desert land and in the waste howling wilderness He led me about. He instructed me and kept me as the apple of His eye. He has searched for a remnant that is willing to walk this journey to listen and obey, to lay down your life out of love for Him. His sons and daughters don't believe in Him so that they can go to heaven. We don't read the bible or pray because we know that's the right thing to do. We walk with Him because we love Him. 

His spirit will beautify you and prepare you, cleanse and sanctify you. The  journey lies ahead. 

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