Initiative actives the plan


Once I heard someone say these words but I did not understand them. I decided to travel to South Africa with other people. However, during that long trip, a friend asked me: "Are you afraid?" and I said: "I think so, in fact, I do not know what is going to happen in that country but there we go". He answered me saying: "Do not worry, I'm with you, just trust me." That friend made me feel sure, his name is Jesus, yes, the Son of God, the same one who gave me the TRUST to start a new stage in my life, He teaches us to have an INITIATIVE we must first have TRUST, we must believe in Him and make a decision, then the plan is ACTIVE. What Jesus wants is for us to trust Him, He has a plan for us. He wants to become real in you and in me. There are stages in our lives waiting to be experienced by us but for this to happen we need to make the decision to say "Yes, here I am Jesus, I believe that you are with me and I need to experience what you have for me". The initiative actives the plan that God, your Eternal Father, has for you.

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