Discovering God


After finishing a blog on how God changed my mindset, about things I did not like doing and showing me other wise,  I was not convinced that that was what I was supposed to share. After some amazing teachings this past few days and spending some time with God, God revealed something to me. As great as it is that my mindset about what I do not like is being changed,  as that can be a stumble block in God's kingdom,  the greater thing is that God is changing the  ideas I have about Him and who He is.  Through so many experiences this four weeks He was showing me who He is and that he is with me and that He is good. And that is what lead me to the following conclusion: We need to be put in a place out of our comfort zone to force us to trust on God and His provision. And O how amazing it is when you are put in an uncomfortable situation and through that discover more about God. I even  want to go as far as saying I would rather be in a chalanging situation where God can teach me something of His character and provision than have all the comforts in the world but not have these revelations about God. I want to chalange you to step out of your comfort zone because it is there where you will truly discover God. 

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