Inlove with Israel

Where do I start? We just finished our first country: Israel- the Promised land! And I would like to share some of the amazing things we experienced. When we left SA the 11th of March we didn't fly direct to Israel but to Jordan from where we over landed to Israel! We landed around 16:00 the afternoon- and leaving for the border post was just not a option since we would be caught in the dark! It was SO cold in Jordan and they predicted snow that night, we were planning on having our first sleepover in the airport in Amman, and everyone was very excited!! We met a tour guide at the airport, a man and we asked him to take us to the border the next morning at 07:00, since he gave us the best deal and has a 7 seater bus- it was the perfect solution!After we arranged everything with him, about 10min afterwards he returned to us saying that he has a farm not far from the airport where we can sleep for the night then he will pick us up the next morning and take us to the border! Without even wondering we accepted his offer. On the way to the farm he bought us some tea and sugar!! This was such conformation that we are not alone on the journey- without us even asking, God sent this man to help us and give us shelter for the night! We had the most blessed time with him the next morning when he came to join us for tea on the farm! We laughed at all the stories he told us and just enjoyed talking to him! He helped us cross the border- we were prepared for the worst post ever... But this one- was easier than crossing the Namibia border!! For the first time I saw what it is traveling with the Creator of everything- in control of everything! What should have been the most difficult border post turned out to be so easy and fun! This amazed me!! Guys with big guns being so friendly and helpful- the only explanation is God going before us! We took a bus to Jerusalem and then to Bethlehem, where we stayed for the next 2 weeks at the Coptic Church serving at the monastery!! Wow... The sister who we were serving was the most soft hearted and sincere woman of God!! She blessed us with the best food and local dishes we could ever ask for! We received so much we couldn't keep up!! This was just God providing ABUNDANTLY!! I have never seen anything like it-and it wasn't about us receiving,  but to see the passion and zeal that the sister helped us with and her heart to love and bless unconditionally!! It challenged me and made me think about my own heart....We helped her in the garden... Where we pulled out all the weeds... And who would have guessed that pulling out weeds really builds your character and challenge me with the way I think about things in my life and all the weeds growing in my 'garden' and how God deals with that. We faced some great challenges with limited water, but we just enjoyed being family and facing it together!We as team spent a lot of time in the Word- doing Bible studies on the book of Hebrews! We had such amazing revelations!! It is really an amazing privileges for me to actually have SO much time to spend with God and to fellowship with my team!! I have time to think and pray and hear God's heart for my life!That is exactly what I asked for in the beginning of the year!

We went to Jerusalem as tourists for 3days! Visiting the new and the old city!! Every expectation I had was met by 1000 times!! I love to stare at the people and to see how they live their life’s and the beautiful culture they have!! We went to most of the tourist places with the significant history! Standing on the top of Mount of Olives and getting a broad view of the old city- made me smile and just worship God because He is good and He loves people and His biggest desire is relationship with us!! I realize how small and incapable we really are, but He still chose us to be His sons and daughters first!! That is all His grace!! We can do nothing to receive it- we just need to accept the gift that our Father gives us! And entering into His rest knowing that He has everything planned perfectly!!! WOW.... 

 We met some very cool new friends from the organization called Bridges for Peace (where I was planning to go and volunteer this year)- and we had the most blessed time staying with them for one night in Jerusalem having fellowship and encouraging each other!! Just seeing their love for the people of Israel and for the ministry really encouraged me to seek God's heart more!! The deep love for the people, the culture and the land of Israel is something I can not describe in words... But running around in the place where Jesus once walked was a great experience that touched my heart and changed my way of looking at the people probably forever!! We ended our journey in Israel by camping for 3days next to the Sea of Galilee. We had the most beautiful pictures painted in front of us overlooking over the sea with the sun rising at the back and boats playing music.. We shared some fun moments by walking 8km with our VERY heavy backpacks, laughed a lot and recharged before we started our travels to Jordan! To give a summary of Israel in one word "Unbelievable"!! The land that overflows with cultures... big fruits and vegs... The best pitta bread and sweet pastries and people with a need for the Living God and His Son Jesus!! I fell in love with the people and would love to return to Israel someday soon.. Please help us pray for them and ask God for protection!We are in Jordan now for more than a month where we are serving at a church -working and helping the Syrian refugees!! This is definitely the place where God is going to teach our team about compassion and unconditional love! We are exited about the next few weeks....Thank you for praying for me and following my journey!!
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A heart set on the things above


"You are just so ready for this..." This is the words that echoes in my heart and mind! The readiness in my heart and spirt to do what God called me to do is overwhelming!  Together with the readiness to GO and do it- comes a great sense of joy and faith! Faith in the plans that the Father has for our team but also for me personally! And JOY like I have never experienced before- to be part of such a huge movement and revival in the nations and an amazing family travelling together! But also just to enjoy life- completely taken out of my comfort zone- and letting God be my comfort- this is what brings true joy! Seeing the Father changing and transforming us to be more like Him! I love being taught by the Holy Spirit Himself... Seeing the impossible... And be stretched beyond my understanding....  Since I started the journey I am in awe about what I learned about myself, about people and most important about the heart of my ABBA Father! I never thought that walking in faith could be so practical... We had a Luke 10 faith journey for a weekend in Cape Town and God blew my mind!! The training we received was SO well planned- each day was a building block in the preparation and commissioning of us as students! Lead by the Spirit, and really preparing young leaders to go into the nations with a foundation that is firm in the Rock and not tossed around by the waves!! The more I think about the last 7weeks..   All that comes to mind is : WHAT A PRIVILEGE! To be part of God mighty army of young people with a burning fire inside of them to change the world.. To be an unshakeable kingdom in earthly vessels, directed by God Himself! To love.. Show compassion... And serve the people in the nations! Because He chose us and showed us how to love unconditionally first !!  The journey ahead is going to be wild... It's going to be great... It's going to be full of Him! I can't wait to make NEW FOOTPRINTS in the countries we set foot in! Our first country is Israel- The promised land, that overflows with milk and honey!  Come away with us... And follow our team as we are walking by Faith!!  BlessingsArné 
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A call to obedience... A step of faith....

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