no boundaries


I used to see walls enclosed around me, but now I am living with no boundaries. I am like an unbridled horse- FREE to run the distance. I can’t even see the end of the field- just the sun on my back and wildflowers under my feet. The farther I run the less afraid I become. I have stepped into FREE COUNTRY, where the territory never ends because it was created and is governed by the True King. The walls around me I had made myself- their names were doubt, shame, fear, and useless. My walls were torn down and as I stood in the middle of what used to be my loneliness, I was now surrounded by beauty. The sun warmed my body and the fresh air filled my lungs. I started to run. The ground below me was soft; bright colored flowers were its clothing. As I ran, shackles broke off from my hands and feet. My heart felt FULL as it beat faster and faster in my chest. I ran fast and far, but never lost my breath. The air inside of me was different. Fullness wrapped around me like a coat, I looked down and NEW clothes covered me- lovely and white. I was fearful that I would ruin my new clothing and make them dirty, but nothing could destroy these garments. They were made of strength, dignity, and praise. I felt home in an open field. I didn’t need the walls that I once built for protection and out of fear. I was not scared to be seen or hurt this time. The warmth of the sun, the freshest air, and the softest ground sang LIFE back into me. As I walked, I saw His face- so beautiful, so glorious that it hurt! I stopped in my tracks. I almost wanted to look away or run and hide. But then His eyes met mine. His smile took my shame away in an instant. He was the Creator- the One who broke down my walls, the One who filled my heart overflowing. All of the beauty around me paled in comparison to ONE SINGLE GLANCE from Him. He is my Creator. He is the One brought me here and loved the shackles off my feet. He sang truth and freedom into my dried up bones. I am home here with Him.

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