Grew up in farming town,loving Jesus along with my family.My parents tried their best to show me Jesus and not religion ,I feel they did a pretty good job.I like horses and running and know that I am recharged by people ,I am truly privileged to always have had good mentors and older brothers in my life and I owe my life to these people.Studied some theology after school and am trying to now live it out.I am still in the first stages of my life with God and am hoping to move a bit forward with this through the year.
I am a 22 year old girl radically inlove with my God and wanting more and more of Him. I am going to share the good news to a world in need! Student, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Child of God.
For My Good
Right? Wrong!
How God worked
An Amateurs Isaiah 53
The African Dream
Best Trade Ever
Panama Country #11
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