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So, you feel called to the mission field, to make a difference and to help people in need. You feel God is calling you to go and proclaim His Kingdom all over the world and to join Global Challenge Expeditions on an adventurous, life changing journey. But there is only one thing standing between you and this calling…you have to raise support.

At Global Challenge Expeditions we feel that it shouldn’t be harder to trust God for His provision than to trust Him for other things in our lives. We believe that if God has called you, He has also called the resources. This may be the first time that you have to trust God for something like finances but if you believe that He is calling you to the mission field, you can trust Him to come through for you financially.

Raising funds for your expedition is a part of the expedition itself. The challenge and reward of raising funds may stretch your faith, but it will also inspire you, encourage you and prepare you for the expedition that lies ahead.

Why is raising support so important?
The biggest advantage of raising support is that you create awareness for the cause of your mission. You want people to know what you are planning to do and what God plans to do through you. Not only will you generate financial support but prayer support as well. Prayer is the fuel that keeps the fire of missions burning in this world.

By raising support, you will have people backing you in prayer whilst you are in the mission field: giving you the opportunity to support your supporters through prayer as well. You need the financial support and prayers from family, friends, colleagues and your church in the same way they need you to share the salvation and hope that is available in Jesus Christ to the world. This is how we can play a part in connecting the entire Body of Christ through prayer and support.

Remember that raising support is about standing together as the Body of Christ to see God’s Kingdom come. We are asking people to support us because we want to invite them to be a part of it.

Is it hard to raise the needed funds and support?
Firstly, ask yourself, are you just going to ask people for money? Or are you going to tell people about what God wants to do through you and then give them the chance to be a part of it?

Fund raising should be seen as an expedition in itself. God wants to teach you how to trust in Him. He also wants to show you how much He loves you by providing for you.
You may find that raising funds will challenge you in new areas of your life. It is this challenge that will enlarge your faith as well as your growth in Christ…if you allow it!

Some people may find it challenging to step out in Faith and talk to people. Remember that if you don’t tell people what it is you want to do or what God wants to do, they might miss out on the opportunity of supporting you and sharing in the fruit of God’s work. If you do your part to reach out to people and ask them for support, God will put it into their hearts to invest into your ministry.

Willem Taute (GCX – One Year 2007, Explore Africa 2009)
“I spoke in front of my church one Sunday and received R15000 in 3 different donations in just 2 days. I raised my entire deposit in about 2 weeks!”

Celeste van Es (GCX – One Year 2009)
“I kept on finding money in random places like my Bible and my pencil case! Missionaries and other people I met along the way blessed me with money as we were travelling. I know that it was God’s way of providing for me.”

Clara Miles (Project leader: GCX – One Year)
“In 2006 I had to raise R25000 in 5 days. Next thing a farmer phoned me and said that he has been praying with his wife and they felt that the Lord wanted them to give R25000!

Another man, whom I didn’t know, phoned me the next day and he ended up buying all my equipment for me, including my tent, sleeping bag, hiking shoes, everything I needed!”

Jones van der Spuy (GCX – One Year 2007)
“I always had enough funds to go on to the next country and I succeeded in raising all my funds before the end of our journey. Praise God for His provision!”

Luzaan Carroll (GCX – One Year 2009)
“I had 3 months to raise all my funds. I started creating awareness about my journey on a charity website and I fasted for 40 days. At the end of those 3 months I raised all the money I needed.”

How do I raise support?
Once your application to join a Global Challenge Expedition has been successful, we will provide you with a personalised support letter with all the necessary details to ensure people are informed and equipped to contribute to your specific expedition. You can then begin with the process of raising funds and support.

Here are some things to remember when raising support:
• Pray
This will have to be the first thing you do and the thing you must do throughout the entire process. Ask God to provide for your needs. This includes your financial, emotional, physical and spiritual needs.

• Ask
Sometimes the task of asking for money can be such a challenge that we forget to actually ask. It is likely that your friends, family, colleagues, church or school are willing to support you but they don’t always think about offering. You need to share with people what it is you want to do and then give them the opportunity to be a part of it. When they ask how much you need or how much you are asking for, be ready with an answer – you can either tell them the total amount of money you need or you can break it up and ask people to sponsor a day, a week, a kilometre etc. Don’t assume you know how much people can give or can’t give, let them decide for themselves and let God do the rest!

• While you are on your expedition
Always try to stay in touch with your supporters to let them know where you are, what you’re doing and how their support is making a difference. You can publish blogs on the Global Challenge Expeditions website to update people back home whilst you are on your expedition. Blogs also enable people to pray for you and your team and it also creates more opportunities for people to support you whilst you are on the mission field. You can also send out newsletters to all of your supporters to keep them updated throughout your expedition.

• One last thing to remember
Stays focused on God and remember that He is the One who is providing in all your needs. Share His story and Good News everywhere you go and have fun while you are doing it!


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